9 Days for 9 Lives Blog Tour: Cats in Author Karin De Havin’s Life (Plus a Giveaway!)

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Are you a cat owner or simply love cats? Maybe not fond of them, but like them in stories?

If you said yes to either of these questions, then totally check out this anthology from Fellowship of Fantasy! It’s all about cats, cats, and more cats. Oh, and a side of magic. 😉

Today I’m chatting with one of the authors, Karin De Havin, who wrote Sammy’s Secret. “A ring is lost. A friendship is ruined. A cadre of cats is on the case!”

Come “meet” the inspiration for her story and her tuxedo cats!

About the Anthology

Paws, Claws, And Magic TalesThere’s just something magical about cats.

Fierce hunters content to rest upon our sofas. Sweet friends but stubbornly independent. Fluffy little murder balls with jellybean toes and razor-sharp claws. It’s easier to answer what cats aren’t than what they are.

In this purr-fect collection, awesome authors pounce upon the challenge of the mysterious cat like the elusive little red dot it is. Curl up with sixteen stories all featuring our furry, frisky, fabulous feline friends. Inside, you’ll find adorable house cats, majestic big cats, and imperious cat-dragons. You’ll meet cats who are their owners’ protectors, who help them find true love, and who tackle the challenges of caring for their clumsy human companions in hilarious, heartwarming, and harrowing ways.

This fifth anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy features new and returning authors, dedicated to giving you the best in cat-related fantasy fiction.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Karin! I’m so excited to be chatting with you today! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for your story in the anthology?

My inspiration for the story, Sammy’s Secret, is my ginger tabby Sammy. He is quite that character. He meows a lot and I always wonder what he is trying to tell me. He also has a group of cat friends that he hangs out with. One of them is an exotic looking long hair female that inspired the character Zelda. Sammy is a very active cat and a bit of a daredevil. He loves to climb the tall trees on the wooded land behind my house. I always worry about Sammy hurting himself, and sure enough one day he showed up at the front door with a shattered leg. The surgery was very complicated. The doctor used two large rods and over ten screws to put Sammy’s leg back together. Thankfully the surgery and recovery went well and Sammy is back to his old adventurous ways. It’s amazing how he can climb trees again with his bionic leg. This miracle became the catalyst for the story.

– Wow! I’m so very glad he’s okay! Do you have any other cats in your life too?

Besides Sammy, who I adopted from a neighbor when she had to move, I have two tuxedo cats. They are a brother and a sister who I rescued as kittens when they showed up in my front yard one day. The brother is a very large cat. He weighs over twenty pounds, yet manages to fit into the tiniest places when he wants to hide. That is how he earned his name, Slick. My husband gave his sister the name GT, because she has a white goatee shaped patch on her chin. It makes quite the statement against her all black face. They are both senior cats now, but they stand up to the youngster, Sammy, who is three. GT play fights with Sammy all the time. She loves to get up on her hind feet and box him in the face. Slick is so big all he has to do is dive bomb Sammy and that’s the end of the fight. I love my cats. They are such an inspiration and my constant writing buddies. I can’t imagine not having them in my life.

– Aw! They sound like quite the inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing, Karin! 

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  1. Sharon Hughson October 9, 2018 at 12:14 pm - Reply

    Cats are an inspiration…and a frustration! But I love my three cats, and ONE of them is a little girl Tuxedo cat. So pretty.
    Thanks for hosting our release.

    • Laura A. Grace October 11, 2018 at 10:20 am - Reply

      Haha! I don’t have a cat, but I feel that is so true about cats, Sharon! Thanks for stopping by!

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