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Laura A. Grace

By day, Laura A. Grace is a bookish fangirl who tirelessly supports indie authors with her blogging, videos, and cosplays. By night, she is an otaku-in-training, binge-watching anime with her handsome ninja husband.

Drawn to stories that pull heartstrings like the ones her favorite authors pen, she hopes to do the same. She now studies manga for “research purposes” and writes clean graphic novels from her home in North Carolina—all the while keeping an eye out for wandering unicorns and potential lightsaber battles with her family.

Guest Appearances

My Papa’s legacy lives on.

Granted, I don’t recall ever seeing him pick up a book (well, unless maybe it was a train book with lots of pictures) except his Bible when he got older.

Yet his extrovert self still inspires my introvert self to actively get to know other people online, especially authors and writers…

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Janeen Ippolito and H.L. Burke welcome rabid bookish fangirl and blog tour operator Laura A. Grace (Laura Pol) to the show. Here what she has to say about getting into book blogging, what authors can do to make their blog tours successful, and…

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Hello everyone, I’m pleased to welcome Laura A. Grace, owner of God’s Grace Blog Tours. Laura’s passion for supporting authors has inspired me many times. Her vision reminds me that authors need readers and fans to help get their stories out into the world.

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They say authors live off of reviews.

I’m not sure how true this is, but I bet some authors eat those reviews for breakfast.

Me, on the other hand, I write my reviews not so I can necessarily “feed” an author, but so I can give them a unicorn for Christmas.

Let me explain.

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