Amber Eyes Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Wow! What an awesome and exciting tour this has been! Did you miss an interview or book review?

No worries! Below is a short recap of all the fun reviews, guest posts, and interviews (with links).

First up, curious about what some of S.D. Grimm’s favorite parts in Amber Eyes? What about writing it overall? Be sure to stop by Thinking Like a Fangirl to hear S.D. share all about the writing it! (And don’t worry! No spoilers are to be found. *winks*)

Anyone up for some cool prophecies that leave you on edge just as much as the characters? Sheri Yutzy shares in her book review that S.D. Grimm has you covered with Amber Eyes!

A great review from Blooming with Books, but she gives a good warning to readers. (I would definitely take note of this!) Plus, be sure to see the great interview and what animal S.D. would want to bond with!

This guest post on Cathrine’s blog could help provide a deeper look at the heart of Amber Eyes. Dragons might be involved!

Need a book with all the feels? Author Anna Tan shares in her review that Amber Eyes has that and more.

If Jayden could pop into our world to celebrate the release of Amber Eyes, what would S.D. and her go do?  The answers lies in this really fun interview with S.D. on Unicorn Quester as she chatted about animals  and her awesome characters!

Based on this book review from Sarah on Sarah, Plain & Average, sounds like great characters, friendship, and intriguing backstories make up this excellent story.

“My emotions were raw. I was elated and saddened, joyful and frightened, and a multitude of emotions in between.” Another spot on book review for this epic novel from Nyla at Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess!

Enjoy reading fantasy occasionally, but don’t want a book that is overwhelming in all the “fantasy” talk? The Artisan Penguin recommends S.D. Grimm’s novel and how it has “just the right level of fantasy.”

Wondering how the stakes have been raised in Amber Eyes? Stop by Liv K. Fisher’s blog to find out the answer and what she would do if she could meet some of her favorite authors!

Can sword fighting be like dancing? Brie at Reality Reflected would give a hearty “Yes!” as she shared what she took from this book. (She might have mentioned something about a guy never having enough sisters too. *winks*)

Can a reader feel they have too many books? An important question asked by Jen at So Few Books in this fun interview that also mentions favorite authors and food. What do you think?

This is an amazing visual post of S D Grimm’s incredible world! If you’re curious as to some of her character inspiration and other awesome visuals, definitely don’t miss seeing this on Quills & Inkblotts!

Enjoy a good romance conflict? How about bonding abilities and epic ending? Lands Uncharted shares how this book was a well-deserved five stars.

It’s always fun when an author gushes over a good book. Amber Eyes was no exception as author Tricia Mingerink shared her thoughts on another fantastic story in the Children of the Blood Moon series!

Giving readers chills? Encouragement to order pizza? #TeamEthan? Sounds like a reader enjoying Amber Eyes! RJ Metcalf shares in her review that it will be hard to demonstrate self-control once starting this story.

Lastly, Tânia from Thinking Like a Fangirl captured multiple readers’ experiences in her review of Amber Eyes. “I can’t believe I have to wait another year before I can know what will be of my characters.”

Special thanks to Backing Books for spotlighting S.D. and Amber Eyes!

Many thanks to the bloggers who participated in this tour and S.D. for giving readers an inside scoop about Amber Eyes.

Want to know more about the book or where you can purchase it? Scroll down to read more!

About the Book

Destiny can be cruel

Darkness retreated from the light of the scarlet moon, but has since grown even stronger. The Mistress of Shadows has found a new pawn—one that may be the key to unlocking the door to her underground prison. Now evil threatens to escape its shackles and destroy the land.

In the aftermath of loss and betrayal, Jayden’s fight with the enemy still isn’t over. But while she isn’t sure she can stop the Mistress alone, leaving her friends might be the only way to keep them from being consumed by the darkness.

With lives hanging in the balance—and no time for error—can Jayden make the right choice?

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About the Author

S.D. Grimm’s first love in writing is young adult fantasy and science fiction. She is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency and author of SCARLET MOON. She currently has four books under contract, including the remainder of her YA fantasy series Children of the Blood Moon. When she’s not writing or editing, Sarah enjoys reading (of course!), practicing kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, training dogs, and binge-watching shows with great characters. Her office is anywhere she can curl up with her laptop and at least one large-sized dog. You can learn more about her upcoming novels at

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