Author Interview with Sassy TV-Addict Tabitha Caplinger

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Are you ready to continue the revealing of the special guests at the upcoming Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party on December 12th!?

I hope so because I am so excited to be introducing the third special guest, Tabitha Caplinger! Her books are fantastic and love the sassiness and Gilmore Girls feel to it.

Plus, bacon. 😉

About the Author

Tabitha Caplinger.jpgTabitha Caplinger is a wife, mom, youth pastor and professed tv addict. It’s seriously a problem but she doesn’t plan on getting help anytime soon. Mostly because she loves the stories. She can’t help but get lost in the worlds created and invested in the lives of the characters. She brings that same passion for the story to her own writing. The first book in her YA trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline, is currently available with the second book releasing in early 2017. Aside from writing and watching tv, Tabitha can be found singing off key and dancing in the kitchen or car with her two adorably sassy daughters and awesome husband who she thinks is kind of cute.

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Let’s Chat!

– For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?

Wow, just 3. Sassy, tv-addict, awesome. LOL.

– Haha! Love it! 😀 What’s the best thing about being a writer?

I get to work in my pajamas. Hehe. Also, it is pretty cool to create this thing, totally from your own imagination, and then get to share it with the world, and for them, or at least some of them, to like it and connect you to people you would never get to meet otherwise.

– Oh my goodness, YES! Working in pajamas is the best. 😉 How has your spiritual walk influenced your writing?

A ton. Mostly because I want to make Jesus happy with everything I do so I want Him to be happy with what I write. That influences a lot of what does, or doesn’t, make it onto a page. While I try to not be overtly preachy about my faith in my writing my beliefs for sure come through. My hope is they do so in a way that even those who don’t share my faith will feel cool with it and even open to asking questions or having a conversation about it.

– I think you do an amazing job of achieving that, Tabitha! If you had the ability to jump into any story and live there for a week, what book would you choose?

It would be a tough choice between The Chronicles of Narnia and LOTR. I love both of those worlds. If you pushed me I’d probably lean more toward Narnia because I’d want to talk to Aslan.

– Oooo! I second. Definitely a tough choice there, though I totally don’t blame you for wanting to visit with Aslan. 😉 Thanks so much for chatting with me Tabitha! I am thrilled to have you as one of the special guests at the party and can’t wait to chat again real soon.

*Tabitha will be chatting from 8:05-8:20 PM EST. Wonder what she is going to talk about?*

You’ll have to stop by the party on December 12th to find out! 😉 (But don’t worry! It’s going to be a lot of fun!)

Before you go, be sure to check out some of Tabitha’s books online!

Second Annual Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party
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Laura A. Grace had a lifelong dream of getting to know authors behind the covers of her favorite reads. Little did she know that one day she would become an author, too! She has since published Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl and Team Lines: A Poetry Collection, and has an upcoming manga, Gathering Faith. An avid BookTuber and book blogger at Unicorn Quester, as well as writer of clean, Christian manga, Laura creatively balances her passions of supporting indie authors and feeding her readers new stories. In between, she wields plastic lightsabers with her children and binge-watches anime with her husband.

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