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Happy Thursday!

I have returned from my blogging hiatus, friends! I hope you all have been well and have greatly missed sharing so many good stories with you.

But don’t worry! To help kickoff the amazing month of May, I am interviewing some amazing teen writers who recently published a book.

If you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic novels, check out this one. However, even if that’s not your typical genre, come join the fun as these writers share what word (or words) describe their story Infected and the number one advice they would give other teen writers.

About the Book

18-year-old College Student Will Carter is just going about his normal day when he receives a phone call that changes his lifeforever.With his mom and sister trapped in a town exposed to a deadly toxin, will discovers the danger is related to his Late father’spast. Will may be his family’s only chance at survival, but does he have what it takes to save them?

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Let’s Chat!

– Welcome everyone! 😀 I am SO excited to be chatting with you! If you described Infected in one to three words, what word(s) would you use?

Reagan: Suspenseful

Kelly: Enigmatic

 Zoe:  Dark, but funny

 Rachel: “Everything is dead.”

Lydia: “Everything is dead.”

Katrina: “Everything’s dead.”

– Talk about sounding deadly. 😉 What would you do if you found yourself in Will’s shoes?

Reagan: Probably freak out.

 Kelly: I would probably panic and be completely at a loss for what I should do.

 Zoe: I would try to help however I could.

 Rachel: Try to help others; find someone else to help

 Lydia: Gather my friends, freak out, then go and figure out what’s going on.

 Katrina: Call a reporter to get the word out.

– Que me freaking out as well! What three items do you feel are a must to survive if a deadly toxin leaked?

Reagan: A knife, water, a lighter

Kelly: I think the most essential thing to have if a deadly poison leaked would be a mask or other device made to prevent the intake of poison.  The second item would probably be a phone.  I’m not sure what the last thing would be.

Zoe: Phone, gas mask, portable cure (or immunity)

Rachel: I’m not sure

Lydia: Clean water, gas mask, food from a clean area

 Katrina: Fresh water supply, gas mask, flint & steel.

– Uh oh. Looks like I need to invest in a good gas mask ASAP! What is the number one writing advice you would share with other teens who want to write and publish their book?

Reagan: Don’t procrastinate.

 Kelly: My #1 piece of writing advice would probably be to “Show, not tell.”

 Zoe: My writing advice is: Never give up; have determination to write the story to the end. No story is perfect.

 Rachel: Keep writing and working on your stories, and read books.  There are people who call themselves writers but do not make time for writing stories.

 Lydia: Don’t’ get discouraged about how long it takes to formulate your ideas into words.

 Katrina: Be open to change even if you’re in love with a scene you’ve written.

– Wow! These are awesome! I could hang these up on my wall. Thank you so much for all sharing with me!

About Class Source Novel Writing Class

Class Source Collaborative Novel Writing is a writing class for high school (and some middle school) homeschooling students. This course takes students through the process of writing a novel, focusing on writing skills and improvement as individual writers within the context of creative writing and fiction… But what is most unique about this course is the final semester project, the collaborative Class Source novel. Students actually co-write an original novel, under the guidance of the instructor, producing a collaborative work that is then published at the end of the semester, and proceeds from the sale of each book go toward creating scholarships for future Class Source students. This class is a great way to accomplish an English credit while helping students improve their writing, practice constructive criticism and peer reviews, build their confidence as writers, and learn about the self-publishing process…all while contributing toward a worthy cause.

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