Author Interview with Extrovert Katie Cross

Arrrr! Welcome, me matey! Here be dragons today on ye blog!

Okay, so definitely no pirates are here or even related to this interview, but I thought it would be fun to introduce a super cool author and her love for dragons. (Plus, she may or may not have a few, but you didn’t hear that from me. *winks*)

Without further delay, grab a warm tea to drink (or your favorite drink of choice) and settle in a comfy chair for my fun chat with dragon-hoarder Katie Cross!

(If you don’t believe me that she may be hoarding some baby dragons, check out her book below and let me know if you think she is to in the comments!)

About the Book

Magic Is Forbidden

Dragon Servants Sanna and Isadora Spence live in the village of Anguis, deep in Letum Wood, where persnickety dragons are the least of their worries.

Thanks to years of simmering tension, the hidden village is destined to crack. Soon. Sanna’s deep love for the giant beasts causes her to make an irreversible mistake, while Isadora’s disinterest leads her to a fateful decision that will change the course of the entire world.

Can the sisters prevent everything they know from falling apart? Or do they allow it to break and the pave the way for new growth?

Join the beloved sisterwitches from the Network Series in a story about sisterhood, new magic, and dealing with change.

Download the ebook at your favorite digital store from Katie’s website:

Let’s Chat!

Hi Katie! I am SO excited to be chatting with you today! For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?

I. Love. Food. JK. Okay, not really. Three words that really describe me are extrovert, creative, and hiker.

Ooo! A hiker! I haven’t hiked in years and once hiked a mountain. I could imagine you’ve hiked one a time or two. You mention on your website that you’ve lived many lives as you “scored story after story.” I’m curious as to know how many lives you think you’ve lived.

At least 4,000. When you take into account ALL the books I’ve read, the ones I’ve written, the ones I have yet to write, and the ones I just dreamed up with no purpose? Well, maybe that number is even bigger 🙂 

I could imagine! What’s one of the lives that engaged you most as a young reader?

Anything with magic. When I was really awkward in high school and I loved any story that made me feel like a hero.

I loved stories like that too growing up (and still do).  You also mention that you empower readers to be adventurous and “live amongst dragons.” Not only that, but for readers to be the hero of their own story. My question is where can I live among some dragons?

In my YA Fantasy books! Or just come to my house. I have a pretty spunky toddler.

Haha! I have an energetic toddler here so I can relate! Do you by chance sell any dragons?

I would, for sure, be a hoarder if I ever got my hands on a dragon. They’d be like chocolate. Sorry—don’t share!

Aw bummer! I only have a pet unicorn (though he is certainly quite awesome) but would love to introduce him to some friends. 🙂

He sounds awesome. Can I be one of his friends? 🙂

Definitely! 😀 I am so beyond thrilled that Flame released last week! It was AMAZING!! *coughs* Excuse me for the yelling. I mean it was incredible. 🙂 

Aw, thank you so much!

If you could be a servant or maid for any magical creature (excluding dragons muahaha), what creature would you choose? I’d definitely want to live with the fairies. Although my fairies are mean. Still, I’d like to live with them. I feel like living with a toddler has prepared me for anything.

Oh, that would be really fun! Hopefully you could “cross paths” with a nicer fairy at one point. 😉 It would be hard me to decide too, but I would love to know which sister you more closely relate to: Sanna or Isadora?

That’s really tough. Sanna is a little moody, wild, and doesn’t like to be restrained. I can definitely relate to that. But I love Isadora’s attention to detail, adventurous spirit, and spunk in the face of danger. Can I just cheat and say both?

Totally as I would have said the same. Haha!  I see myself in both sisters. 🙂 I’ve heard on numerous occasions that most authors can’t choose a favorite character, BUT I wonder who you would want to hang out with for a day. Who’s the lucky character to hang out with you? What would you guys do?

I’d hang out with a dragon named Cara. She’s a Mam (a dragon mama) and has two persnickety hatchlings. I’d like to lounge in a tree and talk to her about what’s that like. Hatchlings throw fire. That can be serious stuff.

Photo Credit: Katie Cross

Oh my goodness, that would be so fun! Before we go, what’s one thing, person, or place you hope your readers will love just as much as you do?

I hope they fall in love with Letum Wood, which is where Flame takes place. It’s magical, gargantuan, and packed full of wonderful and dangerous things. I want to live there one day.

 I’ll come visit you after you move!! I actually have one more question (because if I don’t ask, I’ll certainly regret it later)! When can I get my hands on book two??? In the voice of Gollum, “We wants it. We needs it.”

Ha ha, coming soon! I have a really fun short story collection releasing in September, and the second book shouldn’t be too far behind it. *crosses fingers*

Eeekk! I’m so excited to hear that and definitely will be keeping an eye out for it! *squeals* Thanks so much for chatting with me, Katie!

About Katie Cross

Magic captivated me the moment I held my first book. I lived many lives as I scoured story after story. Now, I write fantasy books so you can seize the light, hold magic in your fingertips, and forget the shadows of real life to live your wildest adventure.


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