Author Interview with Flying Pony Supporter L.M. Ransom

It’s always exciting when an author I’ve interviewed in the past is up for another interview when they release (or are releasing) a new book.

My latest victim *coughs* I mean, my friend and author L.M. Ransom has graciously agreed to stop by and chat about her upcoming book, Tilt. 😉 Woot!

Her Flying Ponies series is such a wonder-filled, magical story that I know many young adults will love (and already do). I’m truly thrilled that she’s sharing a little about the writing of Tilt as well as those special flying ponies.

About the Book

Charlotte Flynn is on a mission.

Betrayed by both Penumbra and her Uncle Baron, Charlotte is seeking the missing Flying Ponies in the hopes of uniting them against their wayward leader. Joined by Dreadful, a crazy cavalry horse; Black, her new boyfriend; and her family and friends, she plans to find the missing carousel horses before Penumbra and Baron do.

But the hunt won’t be easy. An old friend of Black’s shows up, with intentions that might not be as honorable as she says. The Tyranny holds some of the Flying Ponies in their possession – and they’re not giving them up. Penumbra, determined to have all the carousel horses to himself, will stop at nothing to defeat Charlotte and Dreadful.

And if that isn’t enough, Charlotte discovers she, like her traitorous uncle, has magic flowing through her. Determined to bring the Flying Ponies back together no matter the cost, the sixteen-year-old may end up paying the ultimate price.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Linda! I am SO excited to be chatting with you today! It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since our last interview when we were celebrating the release of Lift! How has it felt being a published author? 

It’s been amazing. I’ve done some events where I’ve been able to talk to people while signing their books, and it’s great being able to discuss writing and why I write. At one event, some fans even asked me to sign their hands! It’s been a bit surreal.

– Oh my goodness, that is so awesome! I could definitely imagine that being a little surreal, especially since your second book, Tilt, is releasing. Congrats! Things really kick off in the beginning (no pun intended! Okay…maybe. *winks*) and instantly engage the reader. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing Tilt?

I learned a lot from the editing process on Lift that helped me streamline Tilt as I wrote it. I start out each writing session by editing what I wrote the last time; not only does it help me remember where I was in the story, but it’s also the first editing round, too. It helps me focus.

– I know another author who does this and says it’s really helpful. I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time I’m writing! Poor Charlotte finds out that she too has magic flowing through her like Uncle Baron. How do you think you would react if you found out you had magic flowing through you? Do you think you would try to use it?

I’m usually a pretty temperate person; I think I could handle it without freaking out too much. Would I use it? I think I’d try, just to see how it felt. Whether or not I’d keep using it would be determined by the results I got. 😉


Oriflamme (Photo Credit: L.M. Ransom)

– Haha! I think that would be me too. 😉 This was such an exciting sequel, but goodness! The stakes really get higher and higher as the story progresses. Without sharing any spoilers, are you able to share what scene was the hardest to write? (I just wanted to hug these characters! <3) 

The scene in the woods when Charlotte and Jared confront Penumbra; there are some things that happen there that I didn’t enjoy writing. Horses are a very emotional subject for me, and it was hard to write down what was happening.

– Aww! Yes! I know it was hard for me to read some of the scenes with the ponies against one another. </3 Speaking of the ponies, they are one of my favorite things about this series. They are SO cool! If you had the chance to hang out with one or few of the ponies, who would you choose? What would you guys do? 

With 33 Ponies, it’s a little hard to choose. 😀 I’ve always loved the look of the armored horses, so I would definitely choose Oriflamme to hang out with. I’d also choose Dreadful, because he’s fun and unpredictable. I think we’d do some flying, and then take a nice long trail ride before watching a TV show – Dreadful loves TV.


Dreadful (Photo Credit: L.M. Ransom)

– LOL! That would be a little hard to choose, but I have to admit that Dreadful was the first person to pop in my mind too! (Well, him and Ringmaster. *smiles*) For my last question, what’s one thing you hope readers will love about this story? (*coughs* Sully *coughs* He’s so great!)

Lol Sullivan is pretty amazing! And more trustworthy than Dante. 😉 I hope that my readers will fall in love with the horses most of all. I grew up with horses and they’ve always played a big part in my life. I hope that the Flying Ponies show how majestic and powerful horses are, and also how they can become part of your family.

Thank you so much for having me!

– As an early reader, I would say mission accomplished because I very much loved these ponies. <3 Thank you so much for chatting with me, Linda! It was so exciting to chat with you again and eagerly look forward to book three!

About the Author

L. M. Ransom lives in West Michigan with her husband, son, and daughter. She also shares her home with two crazy Dachsunds, and her heart with two naughty ponies. L.M. is a librarian by trade, and an author by passion. She draws from her lifelong love and obsession with all things equine to spin tales about nefarious carousel horses.

A self-professed geek girl, L.M.’s fandoms span the galaxy from Tatooine to Gallifrey, and back down to the seedy streets of Gotham City. As a Christian, she feels a calling to tell clean, intriguing stories for readers to escape into. You can find L. M. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and


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