Author Interview with Lornaiya Creator Melanie Clark

Woo hoo! It is time for another author interview on Unicorn Quester and I am super pumped!

There is truly nothing like introducing new authors and books to readers. (And as a reader, I don’t think I ever tire of learning about new authors and books! *winks*)

Today, I’m interviewing one of my good friends I met through Instagram. Her story is so unique in that it weaves a fantasy story with symbolism of Jesus and Christianity in the actual world building.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Come jump into our fun chat about The Sujemm, her storyworld, and overall book fun!

About the Book

Memorize Matthew 18:19 in German, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. Done. “Wait. Let’s add five more languages.” Seriously? But why?

Dalger and Talamith, seventeen-year-old brothers, spend their days memorizing scriptures in multiple languages. Never in a million years would they have guessed the true reasons behind what their aunt was preparing them for!

The brothers have no memory of another life—or another planet. Join them as they are transported into a world beyond imagination and travel into a thrilling adventure. A world where romance is ignited in Eden Fire and spoken words become a fantastical reality.

Do the brothers stand a chance against the Dark Kingdom? It seems impossible since they have been cursed to forget the only way to victory! And what about the other devious surprise from the Spellcasters? Does anyone see it coming?

Forget. Forget. One, two, three. Forget the name that can set you free.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Melanie! I’m SO excited to be chatting with you! For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?

Hi Laura! Thank you so much for interviewing me!! This is my first interview ever. I am so blessed because the Lord had us meet 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful 🙂
Okay, yes, three words to describe myself are imaginative, quirky, and very passionate about the Messianic prophecies, which feels like it is written in my DNA *Wink and Big Smile*

Photo Credit: Melanie Clark

Photo Credit: Melanie Clark

– HUGS! I am SO grateful too!! <3 Also, I love that! You mention in your bio that you “discovered planet Lornaiya.” I’m quite curious as to what you mean! Did you discover it by means of traveling through space and came upon it in your travels? Or did you teleport there randomly? How about did you discover this awesome planet? (And is there a way for me to come too?!)

If you and I could go to Lornaiya together and drink a pollen glow and have our interview there that would be absolutely amazing!!! Heee hee!!

All my life I have been drawn to fantasy, but there really was nothing that brought me close to God. In fact, fantasy is something the enemy is using to tear many people away from God. There is a darkness and filth that is coming more and more into fantasy books and TV shows. The enemy is using this as a doorway to draw people away from God and it breaks my heart. I once fell into this trap and I pray with all my heart that I don’t let my guard down again.
What really doesn’t make sense is God is the Almighty Creator and He is the God over ALL including fantasy. But man, the enemy has really stolen, twisted and perverted fantasy.
Once I stopped writing for my nephews and wanted to write for God, I found this huge hunger of wanting to find fantasy that brings me closer to Jesus! It felt impossible to find, I was looking for something very specific.

I continued to write and explore this. Slowly as I started to world build, the Holy Spirit began to lead me down a path of encoding messages about Jesus into Lornaiya. Suddenly there was a huge explosion and it soaked absolutley everything! The whole planet was soaked! LOL! The illuminix, skyions, the Sujemm Flame, pollen rocks, clock gears, candy canes, the bethel sweet trees, and so much more all began to hold messages about Jesus.

This year I want to start releasing podcasts to reveal all of these codes. I really hope that the Sujemm would open up for readers in the same way it has for me. Lornaiya is a planet where fun-fantastical things happen and yet still hold deep messages about Jesus. This type of world-building has been the most challenging and yet the most rewarding for my imagination. I found a place where I can use my imagination and get closer to Jesus. That is what planet Lornaiya is for me.

– Yes, yes, yes! I see this so much in your story and absolutely love it! I cannot wait to listen to those podcasts! I saw you also mention in your bio you enjoy filming YouTube videos! I LOVE your videos so much! They are always so much fun and have personally inspired me many times! What inspired you to start filming? What are some of your favorite kind of videos to film?

Awww thank you so much Laura!! That really warms my heart and I love hearing that!! I felt inspired because I wanted to document the process of writing and publishing the Sujemm series. I also felt this would be something fun and a good way for any future readers (Sujemm readers of the future *wink*) to get me to know me and look behind the scenes on the Sujemm series.

Photo Credit: Melanie Clark

– Your films are how I got really interested in wanting to read The Sujemm! 😀 I had already been super curious about it, with each new video, the desire to read it grew stronger! Speaking of, HUGE congrats on the release of The Sujemm – Earthborn Heirs!! If I am remembering right, you said this was at least 20 years in the making. How did you celebrate such a beautiful occasion? And if you haven’t yet, I must send unicorns to come fill your home with all things involving celebration! Glitter, sparkles, and confetti! 😀

Thank you!!!!!!! I waited for 16 years unitl it finally got published! It was quite crazy because my last week living in Germany is when the book came out!! I never pictured it like that! LOL! I barely had time to think! So please send some unicorns, glitter, sparkles and confetti!!! Oh wait, let’s also toast with some pollen glow, which would obviously be made from unicorn pollen rocks!!! Cheers!! Heee heee!

– YES! I’m 100% on board for that (and plus I’ve wanted to try it *winks*)! I absolutely love love LOVE the amazing worldbuilding you have done in this story. Having a world literally reflect Jesus is incredible! How was the  “process” of building this world where it was deeply rooted to your faith? I could imagine it was a lot of fun!

Yay! I am so glad to hear that!!!

I would have to say the world-building ideas came with time. Most of the 16 years of working on the story was trying to figure out how can I merge fantasy and Jesus without stopping the story. This was my biggest obstacle. Everytime I tried to bring the Chrisitan message into it….it seemed to stop the story. During this time of “figuring it out” I was watching Lee Strobel’s documentary, A Case for Christ, and this is where I learned about the Messianic prophecies. I remember thinking I want this in the story! My first attempt with trying to do this was the idea of shekel clay! Then Destahnayah came about and things just started coming together.

Another thing that inspired me was when I learned about the symbolisms of the candy cane! The message behind the candy cane inspired me to start world-building in a similar way. It was like I had found the key that I needed to merge fantasy and Jesus. Once I noticed that it worked and didn’t stop the story at all, many things started taking on messages about Jesus. 🙂

My next obstacle was, how on earth is a reader going to learn all of these hidden messages found in the world-buildng? At first I thought I would have to write an additional nonfiction book explaining everything, but thankfully the Lord had a different plan. Podcasts. In this day and age, I can reveal all of the messages through podcasts. I mentioned this earlier, but my goal for 2020 is to start the podcast platform so that this would be available to readers just in case they want to know.

Photo Credit: Melanie Clark

– God is so amazing! I find it so very cool how He inspired you in these different ways! <3 I’m really looking forward to the podcasts because I would love to see all the different meanings! I’ve heard on numerous occasions that most authors can’t choose a favorite, BUT I wonder who you would want to hang out with for a day. Who’s the lucky character to hang out with? What would you guys do?

At first I was going to say Doug becaue he has a gift of making a person laugh.

But I changed my mind and would say….the bug-man….heeee heee! I would want to hang out with the bug-man. I think I would want to drink a pollen glow and oh yes, play several rounds of Jemmackerel 50 with him 🙂 Maybe go on an adventure that is….try and get him to show me where the treasure map is *wink*

– That would be a lot of fun!! You’ll both have to come teach me so I can join in playing! 😀 For my last question, both Talamith and Dalger are blessed with names that reflect their Lornaiyan gifts. If you could choose one name to reflect your Earthly gift or Lornaiyan gift, what would it be?

My earthly gift would be my imagination. 🤗 My Lornaiyan gift would be to teleport. 😄

– LOVE! Also, I totally want to be able to teleport so I guess it’s time I traveled to Lornaiyan! 😀 Thank you so much for chatting with me, Melanie! I’m so excited this amazing story is out in the world! 

About the Author

Melanie Clark was born and raised in Germany. With a father in the U.S. Army and a German mother, she grew up in the American military community. Ever since she can remember she always built fantasy worlds with adventurous stories. Then in her mid-twenties she found herself in a battle for her life against cancer.

When her nephews were born her creativity was once again inspired as she encouraged the young boys to explore their own imagination. It was during that time that she discovered planet Lornaiya and her journey as an author began. Lornaiya became the fantasy world where Melanie could feel close to Jesus. It was a world that allowed her to expand her imagination and explore the gifts God gave her.

To find out more about the author Melanie Clark, GO HERE to read an exclusive interview conducted by Professor Ickels! Mr. Ickels is a Lornaiyan History professor that loves to give his students detention for every little thing. He also works for the Gold Wings Alliance and was ranked the top journalist out of all of Lornaiya. The recording of the interview was archived by Spidercam 9844-A10-MC-2015.

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