Author Interview with Rebel Wanderer K.A. Emmons

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Are you ready to continue the revealing of the special guests at the upcoming Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party on December 12th!?

I hope so because I am so excited to be introducing the eighth special guest, K.A. Emmons! I love her strong passion to encourage others to be awesome in this world by being kind and the way she inspires writers to keep writing.

Plus did I mention her novel is amazinggggg? 😉

About the Author

When she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run. Emmons lives in the often-snowy hills of rugged Vermont with her husband and dog named Rocket.

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Let’s Chat!

– For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?

Story-teller, wanderer, rebel.

– Oooo! I like that! What’s the best thing about being a writer?

CAFFEINE. No, just kidding. The best part is the fact that it is a superpower. A force that can be used to spread light or darkness, and that is OUR choice. God has given us words as a beautiful tool to spread the light, if we so choose. So the best part for me is that I get to sit down every day and chose to give my hands, my laptop, and my words to my Papa– my Heavenly Father, and ask him what we should write about today.

– LOL! Are you sure you’re kidding? 😉 Seriously though, that is the best way to write: With our Heavenly Fathers. 🙂 How has your spiritual walk influenced your writing?

It would be faster for me to explain what ways it *hasn’t*. For me, my faith is everything. My faith and my relationship with my Father and Creator affect every single decision I make, every word I write, and every new idea I create. I think everyone has unique conduits through which God most speaks to them; perhaps when they’re alone on a quiet walk, or maybe when they’re baking, or making art, or with their families. God enters our conversations and meets us were we are to chat with us, and teach us, and love us… for me, that place is when I write.

– Amen! I love this so much. If you had the ability to jump into any story and live there for a week, what book would you choose?

NARNIA. Didn’t even really need to think about that one! Like, if I could live out Narnia book 1 from the beaver’s dam to the Resurrection of Aslan, that would be great.

– Oh, that would be so entirely epic! Thanks so much for chatting with me K.A.! I am thrilled to have you as one of the special guests at the party and can’t wait to chat again real soon.

*K.A. will be chatting from 9:25-9:40 PM EST. Wonder what she is going to talk about?*

You’ll have to stop by the party on December 12th to find out! 😉 (But don’t worry! It’s going to be a lot of fun!)

Before you go, be sure to check K.A.’s book online!

Second Annual Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party

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