Author Spotlight of Tea Drinker Sarah Delena White

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Are you ready to continue the revealing of the special guests at the upcoming Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party on December 12th!?

I hope so because I am so excited to be introducing the fifth special guest, Sarah Delena White! Her novel, Halayda, is my next read since I have been currently beta reading for a friend, and I am eagerly looking forward to it! I mean you have alchemy, steampunk, and fantasy.

What’s not to like? 😉

About the Author

Sarah Delena White Head Shot.jpgSarah Delena White was raised by wolves in an alternate dimension. She writes eclectic speculative fiction that reworks mythology with a fine balance of poetry and snark. She’s an experienced world traveler who loves to weave world folklore and ancient concepts into vibrant, original story worlds. She is the Benevolent Firebird (acquisitions editor) for Uncommon Universes Press. When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found making jewelry, singing Irish ballads, drinking tea, and working a variety of odd jobs. She can be bribed with dark chocolate.

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Let’s Chat!

Today’s post is a little different as I’m not interviewing Sarah, but I am going to share some fun things for her book in hopes that you’ll read it alongside me. 😉 (The plan is to start tonight or tomorrow!)

Since I enjoy reading five star reviews of my favorite authors, how about I share some below that I found? (Always a great way to get hyped up for a book if you ask me. Hehe!)

“I won’t be able to get Halayda out of my head, I will dream about these characters and this story for days, weeks, months and years. This story was worth every minute and hour that I spent reading it. I hope there will be a part 2, I’m eager to read it.” — Kindle Customer

“I felt completely enthralled by this book…I was drawn in by a mix of adventure, love, and the amazing world that unfolded like beautiful pictures in my mind. The world and character plot pulled me in and I was delighted to find myself completely lost in this enchanting tale. I’ll definitely be reading the others in this series ?” — Melinda Craig

Halayda by Sarah Delena White, is three parts faerie, fantasy adventure and one part steampunk, alchemy conspiracy. That makes it, practically perfect in every-way. Yes this is the Mary Poppins of books. (Except Mary Poppins is a book so forget I said that.)” — Cathrine Bonham

What do you think? Does it get your attention? Ooo and how about this amazing fan art from my friend, Hannah Williams? Isn’t it beautiful?

Used with permission from the artist’s FB page.

Eep, I’m not done yet! Here’s some more art that shows the awesomeness of these characters from Julia Busko!

Oh, and if you want to get to know Sylvie and Taylan better, don’t hesitate to see their interviews HERE (Sylvie) and HERE (Taylan).

So, what do you think? Are you ready to learn more about Halayda and Sarah? I hope so! 😀

*Sarah will be chatting from 8:35-8:50 PM EST. Wonder what she is going to talk about?*

You’ll have to stop by the party on December 12th to find out! 😉 (But don’t worry! It’s going to be a lot of fun!)

Before you go, be sure to check Sarah’s book online!

Second Annual Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party

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  1. Deborah O'Carroll November 30, 2017 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. <3 And Hannah Williams' fan-art for it IS MY FAVORITE THING!!! 😀

    • Laura A. Grace November 30, 2017 at 3:24 pm - Reply

      Eeeekk! Hoping to start it tonight, but the Ladies of Spec are having their party. Soooo it might be until tomorrow. :p Haha! Can’t wait though! 😀 Yes, I love Hannah’s art too!! 😀 It’s always so pretty!

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