Character Interview with Eve from The Gold-Son

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I’m excited that today is Thursday (especially being sick) because not only does that mean the weekend is right around the corner, but that also means I get to share this really fun interview with Eve from Carrie Anne Noble’s The Gold-Son!

I had read this story early last month and very much enjoyed it. Eve was probably one of my favorite characters because she was so strong emotionally. I really admired her strength in sticking with her “task” so to speak as well as how she never gave up (no matter how dire the circumstances were).

It is with much pleasure to share that I was able to chat with Eve for a few minutes about Tommin and a few other fun things, but first let me introduce you to part of her story.

About the Book

“The story is, simply, beautiful.” —Fictionist Magazine

All sixteen-year-old Tommin wants is to make beautiful shoes and care for his beloved grandmother, but his insatiable need to steal threatens to destroy everything. Driven by a curse that demands more and more gold, he’s sure to get caught eventually.

When mysterious Lorcan Reilly arrives in town with his “niece,” Eve, Tommin believes the fellow wants to help him. Instead, Lorcan whisks him off to the underground realm of the Leprechauns, where, alongside Eve, he’s forced to prepare to become one of them.

As Lorcan’s plans for his “gold-children” are slowly revealed, Tommin and Eve plan their escape. But with Tommin’s humanity slipping away, the fate-crossed pair has everything to lose unless they can find a way to outsmart a magical curse centuries in the making.

The Gold-Son Audio Book is the winner of the Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Eve! Thank you so much for letting me ask you a few questions! For the first one, I could imagine eating mushrooms on an almost daily basis is unpleasant (I couldn’t even imagine drinking tea!), but do you have one mushroom dish you prefer over the others?

My friend Copper (servant boy of that devil Leprechaun Lorcan Reilly) could always make a fairly good mushroom soup if he had access to enough salt and pepper. It was certainly better than the often-served squishy, gray, mushroom-bread toast and the gelatinous boiled mushroom porridge. As Copper used to say, most Lep food tastes like dirt!

– You know, I never knew that! Considering they have all that gold, you would think they would spend it on something a little more appetizing then mushrooms. What’s one of your favorite qualities about Tommin?

Tommin’s deep, unshakable loyalty to family and friends has always impressed me. Even at his lowest, most gold-obsessed point, I know he still would have done anything he could to help Copper or me.

– I loved his unshakable loyalty too! Lorcan has a certain “pet” (which he totally shouldn’t because he’s not even technically a pet! Ugh! Moving on though.), but I’m curious if you like regular pets, such as cats and dogs? Would you consider adopting one in the future?

I love animals—except for wicked Faerie cats. Unfortunately, I’m not certain I will ever trust a cat after my experiences in the Neathlands. So, if I ever were to adopt a pet, I’d probably rescue a needy animal from a shelter— most likely a scruffy but goodhearted pup.

– Oh, those pups are the cutest! Also, I don’t think I could own a pet cat if I had a “meeting” with a Faerie cat either. For my last question, when you’re above ground, what’s your favorite part of nature?

Anything edible besides mushrooms! Having spent my childhood plagued by hunger, I’ve developed an appetite worthy of a teenaged Troll—and with it, a great talent for foraging for berries, nuts, and honey-filled tree trunks.  To me, a handful of wild strawberries is more delightful than any crock of Leprechaun gold!

– Haha! I totally agree with you, Eve! I would be right alongside you picking those strawberries. 😉 Thank you so much for chatting with me! I greatly enjoyed our conversation!

About the Author

In the wake of her thrilling past as a theatre student, restaurant hostess, certified nurse aide, and newspaper writer, Carrie Anne Noble now writes novels and short stories. A member of SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America), she enthusiastically participates in National Novel Writing Month every November. When she isn’t writing, Carrie enjoys reading, napping, snacking, hosting spectacular tea parties, and spending time with family and friends.

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Could you see yourself eating mushrooms everyday? What are some dishes you would try to make to make the experience more pleasant? 

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