Cover Reveal (Plus Exclusive Excerpt): Northern Lights, Southern Stars

Squeal alert!

I’m sharing once again another stunning and remarkable cover of another C.S. Johnson book coming our way! (Did you see this story she’s also releasing later this year? It’s sounds just as epic!)

If you’re a fan of Snow White or fairy tale retellings, don’t miss out on this beauty of a story!

Check out this fantastic cover of her upcoming book, Northern Lights, Southern Stars!

Her heart might be broken, but her spirit won’t be crushed.

Known as the dark-skinned princess from the Southern Colonies—formerly the kingdom of Marula—Ebony is no stranger to hardship and loneliness.

Forced into royal servitude after the death of her father, Ebony resolved to keep her head held high despite her sorrow—no matter how much vitriol she endured from her stepmother, Varyes, Queen of Pommier.

As the Queen’s son, Prince Rion, helps to piece her broken heart back together with his love and kindness, Ebony begins to hope she will one day find a new home for herself. But when Queen Varyes loses the Southern Colonies to its warring neighbors, she strikes out for vengeance—and Ebony is her first target.

Can Ebony escape the savage wrath of her stepmother—even if her freedom means losing Prince Rion forever?

Northern Lights, Southern Skies is a standalone fantasy fairy tale retelling of Snow White from award-winning, genre-hopping author C. S. Johnson.

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Exclusive Excerpt!

“Look. Up there.” Rion points at the sky. At first, all I see are stars, and I am not impressed; I regret coming out of the castle with him. But he nudges me, as if he can read my thoughts, and I look again.

Now I see them.

I see little lines of green and gold and amber, all twisting and fluttering against the starry darkness.

“What are they?” I ask.

“They are the Northern Lights,” he says. “Some nations believe they are the ghosts of dragons, still waging what war they can on our world.”

“Is that how you see them?” I ask, still watching the show. From where we are, there is no extra light to hinder our view.

Momentarily, I glance back at the castle, nervously clutching the linen of my apron, wringing the tough cloth until I feel its wrinkled lines. I do not want the Queen to catch us out here. Rion is my friend, but I know there is very little he can do if she wants to punish me for breaking orders.


I nearly jump as I feel Rion’s hands take hold of mine, gently untangling them from my apron. By the time the cloth drops out of my grip, my mouth is curiously dry.

I look up to see he is watching me. I am grateful for the dark, as it casts a shadow over my features. Heat pools in my cheeks, while my hands tingle with heightened awareness.

Rion keeps his one hand wound around mine, before he looks back up at the dancing auras across the sky.

“I’ve always seen them as sheets of music,” he says. “A colorful page, dotted with notes and stanzas, like God was writing out secret love songs to us in the darkness of night.”

“My mother would have liked that,” I say, remembering her affection for starlight and music.

For a long and lovely moment, Rion and I stare up at the sky, allowing the wonder of creation’s song to wash over us. The chill I felt before is gone, replaced by an irresistible warmth.

And then Rion looks down at me again. I see the starlight in his eyes, and I wonder if he sees the Northern Lights in mine.


My name is a whisper on his lips before he leans down to kiss me.

What do you think? Are you desperately wanting to read it too? Let me know in the comments!

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