Cover Reveal: What Lurks Below

It’s Friday, and it’s time for a YA Dystopian cover reveal!


Monster Ivy Publishing is on fire with their upcoming releases this year and eagerly anticipate at least one of them, including Jordan Thompson’s book I’m sharing today!

Monster Ivy has described her book as a “stunning YA dystopian-charged fantasy” and “for fans of The Giver and people who like stories about siblings.”

Well, let me just go ahead and show you this beauty because I can’t wait for it to release April 7th!

At Colony, no one knows where the children came from. No one talks about how they were babies when they were ripped apart from their parents to be raised in the Tin Can.

No one knows, that is, except Amelia. At thirteen, Amelia remembers a mother who loved her. She remembers fresh peaches and ice cream—not the calorically rationed food that tastes like stagnant swamp water and chemicals.

Desperate to hold on to her memories, Amelia shares her past with her younger brother, Alex. She teaches him about the reality of The Garden and its power to provide safety and love.

Soon, Alex learns that life at Colony is more dangerous than he thought. He spies an enormous, black … something … lurking in the water, while no one seems to notice it at all.

Fear of the creature has Alex thrashing his sheets in bed. His marks drop, and Council insists on Amelia telling them what is wrong. Amelia tries to keep up appearances, but Council refuses to believe her and locks her up.

If Amelia isn’t willing to forgo the love she felt and the life she had back Then, Council will throw her in the water to meet whatever it is that lurks below the Tin Can.

For fans of The Giver, this dystopian-charged fantasy will show readers the valiance of holding on to one’s beliefs and the value of true sibling love.

Release Date: April 7, 2020

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About the Author

Jordan lives in her hometown in Virginia, where she grew up among fairy tales and the mountains. She loves all things strange and magical. When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading, crafting, and having adventures with her husband and dogs.





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