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Calling all fantasy readers!

I’m thrilled to be sharing a book review (and epic giveaway!) with you that I think could be of great interest!

You might have watched my video Three Reasons Why You Should Read Mark of the Raven late last year and and so thrilled to be sharing my review on the sequel, Flight of the Raven (recently released).

If you love clean fantasy, intrigue, and romance, definitely take a look!

About the Book

Selene Ravenwood, once the heir to House Ravenwood, is now an exile. On the run and free of her family’s destiny, Selene hopes to find the real reason her family was given the gift of dreamwalking. But first she must adapt to her new life as wife to Lord Damien Maris, the man she was originally assigned to kill.

While adjusting to her marriage and her home in the north, her power over dreams begins to grow. As the strongest dreamwalker to exist in ages, her expanding power attracts not only nightmares but the attention of the Dark Lady herself.

With a war looming on the horizon and a wicked being after her gift, Selene is faced with a choice: embrace the Dark Lady’s offer, or search out the one who gave her the gift of dreamwalking. One path offers power, the other offers freedom. But time is running out, and soon her choice will be made for her.

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My Review

Good thing I didn’t break my book gripping it that last 100 pages or so. 😅

What a turn of events! Like whew buddy! Prepare yourself!

I struggled with starting Flight of the Raven because I had a *really* hard time connecting with Selene. It wasn’t until I kept reading that I realized how well the author wrote her character. She’s seemingly so cold to me, though she’s not really anywhere near that. Her growth in this story deeply reflects that on so many levels it left my heart aching. I’m VERY excited to see her continuing journey in book three as I think it’s going to be something deep and powerful.

I also continued to love Damien’s character so much. And in fact, I can finally answer questions like “What character(s) is most like you?” or “What character(s) can you most relate to” by answering with Damien! I related to him so much in book one and only continued to relate to him in such a personal and heartfelt way. Things he told or shared with Selene reminded me of what I would say and just felt a joy to so deeply to relate to a character this strongly.

Lastly, I’ll just quickly say (since this review is already so long) that I loved the marriage aspect in this story. It was fantastic! We definitely need more fictional stories like this, one of showing love bloom and couples desiring to know one another.

Overall, I was moved by how this story affected me. I wasn’t quite expecting a roller coaster of emotions, but I enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more of Selene’s story!

*Many thanks to the publisher for a complimentary copy. All thoughts expressed are my own and was not required to write a positive review.*

More Books in this Series

Lady Selene is the heir to the Great House of Ravenwood and the secret family gift of dreamwalking. As a dreamwalker, she can enter a person’s dreams and manipulate their greatest fears or desires. For the last hundred years, the Ravenwood women have used their gift of dreaming for hire to gather information or to assassinate.

As she discovers her family’s dark secret, Selene is torn between upholding her family’s legacy–a legacy that supports her people–or seeking the true reason behind her family’s gift.

Her dilemma comes to a head when she is tasked with assassinating the one man who can bring peace to the nations, but who will also bring about the downfall of her own house.

One path holds glory and power, and will solidify her position as Lady of Ravenwood. The other path holds shame and execution. Which will she choose? And is she willing to pay the price for the path chosen?

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About the Author

Morgan L. Busse is a writer by day and a mother by night. She is the author of the Follower of the Word series and the steampunk series The Soul Chronicles. She is a Christy and INSPY Award finalist and won the Carol Award in 2018 for best in Christian speculative fiction. During her spare time she enjoys playing games, taking long walks, and dreaming about her next novel.


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About the Author:

Laura A. Grace had a lifelong dream of getting to know authors behind the covers of her favorite reads. Little did she know that one day she would become an author, too! She has since published Dear Author: Letters from a Bookish Fangirl and Team Lines: A Poetry Collection, and has an upcoming manga, Gathering Faith. An avid BookTuber and book blogger at Unicorn Quester, as well as writer of clean, Christian manga, Laura creatively balances her passions of supporting indie authors and feeding her readers new stories. In between, she wields plastic lightsabers with her children and binge-watches anime with her husband.


  1. Jorie June 1, 2019 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Hallo, Hallo,.

    Happily finding readers to discuss the Ravenwood Saga with today – as I found these stories to be such a wicked brill find during #WyrdAndWonder this year!! They are the kind of Fantasy stories I love seeking out and the depth of their character’s journey towards grace, redemption and mercy was such a wonderful experience to have had.

    I admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for all the twists & turns within this series as well! For me, it was Amara’s journey in the sequel which really gutted me overall but it was how hard Selene wanted to better understand her family’s gift and the legacy of it therein that pulled at my heart whilst Damien.. talk about a compassionate man!

    I didn’t quite feel the same about Selene as that was a misnomer about her character – when we began this journey in MARK, you can see how she has had to protect herself against the influences of her mother – how that choice to put her own conscience on hold for the sake of her sisters is what was really compelling – Selene had a lot of growth through the arc of the series but in regards to whom we felt close too and emotionally anchoured… I definitely can’t say I wasn’t anchoured to Selene because I felt such an immediate connection to her as MARK began.

    I definitely could have continued to listen to your thoughts… never feel you can’t expand on what you want to say, as there is no hard fast rule about the length of our reviews when we’re book bloggers. If you want to drop by sometime, I’d love to see if something I shared on my review also resonated with you as you were reading FLIGHT.

    • Laura A. Grace June 3, 2019 at 9:48 am - Reply

      Hi Jorie! 😀 Thanks so much for sharing! I definitely agree that Amara’s journey gutted me too. I almost started crying near the end when we see what happens.

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