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Wow! What an awesome and exciting tour this has been! Did you miss a fun interview or guest post with Desiree Williams or book reviews of Illusionary?

No worries! Below is a short recap of the lively interviews and other fun features (with links).

First up, a really fun interview between J.M. Hackman and Desiree that was priceless! Very fun fact Desiree shared about herself and name inspiration for one of her characters. “Interview with Desiree Williams and Giveaway

Many thanks to author Rachel Lopez for the sweet spotlight of Illusionary!

Writer Jebraun Clifford had this to say about “The Irresistible & Amazing World of Illusionary in her book review.

The imaginary Land of Ur was also well-developed. I had no problem imagining it’s forests, castles, Jolly Harbor, and other places (don’t want to give away too much!) because of all the descriptions that kept my mind spinning.

Book blogger Britta Neal at Indie Book Reviews wrote a fun review of Illusionary as well!

I read a lot of good books. This one though. Just wow. My mind is blown. I’m in love with the story, the characters the writing. All of it.

A very encouraging and fun interview with Desiree over on Bookworm Mama’s blog. What kind of secret powers does she have? (Hint: She has the shirt to prove it.) “Illusionary Blog Tour + Giveaway – Desiree Williams

Many thanks to author Mandy Fender for the lovely spotlight on her blog, Christian Book News!

Do you like the story Peter PanZerina Blossom’s Books shares how much she enjoyed this “hidden gem” by Desiree! “Book Tour, Review, Giveaway: Illusionary

 I loved this imaginitave retelling of Peter Pan! It had me laughing and swooning and wishing I could be there in real life. I have to read another of the author’s books soon – I’m told they are just as good.

This interview with Desiree has some little golden nuggets floating about. Concerned it will be filled with spoilers? Don’t worry! No spoilers there for those who haven’t read Illusionary yet, though if you did read her previous book, Sun and Moon, you definitely don’t want to miss this interview. “FANtastic Interview with Illusionary Author, Desiree Williams.

“Awe. Some. Ness. I wasn’t ready.” That’s what author Nadine C. Keels said when reading Illusionary. “Illusionary by Desiree Williams

They say books are dangerous. Author Laurie Lucking would heartedly agree! “Illusionary by Desiree Williams – Blog Tour! (Laurie)

Illusionary was one of those dangerous books that basically caused me to forego real life as much as possible so I could just keep reading. I lost sleep, I skimped on chores – you get the idea.

Many readers would second author Amber Stokes in that they also found themselves on a really intriguing adventure when reading Illusionary. “Illusionary Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway!

Believing I was in for a treat because I enjoy this author’s style and stories, I dove headfirst into Illusionary…and found myself on an intriguing adventure!

If Desiree could have any job alongside being a writer, what would it be? Find out on Liv K. Fisher’s blog! (Hint: The answer may make you hungry.) “ILLUSIONARY: Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway

Another touching book review of Illusionary by writer Sofia Becker! “Book Review: Illusionary – Desiree Williams

Second, even though life is painful, extremely agonizing and has the potential to make you afraid, there is always a way out. There will always be beauty and joy in the midst of the darkness.

In need of a good book that crushes your heart with emotion? Don’t worry! Grace at She Hearts Fiction says Illusionary has you covered. “‘Illusionary’ by Desiree Williams — Blog Tour Book Review

Many thanks to Jess at Dreams of Faerytales for her fun spotlight!

Intersted in learning more about Desiree’s writing process? Stop by author and editor Jannette Fuller’s blog to learn more! “~Illusionary Blog Tour~

Chrissi over at Chrissi Reads definitely recommends Illusionary to readers and says “It’s a bookworm’s dream to read such a bookish story.”  “Blog Tour – Illusionary Review

Many thanks to the bloggers who participated in this tour and Desiree for giving readers an inside scoop about Illusionary

Want to know more about the book or where you can purchase it? Scroll down to read more!

About the Book

IllusionaryAlice fell down a hole.

Wendy flew to Neverland.

Kamryn? She tripped down the stairs.

Now, Kamryn Kensington finds herself in a strange new world. Within minutes of her arrival, she dodges an archer’s arrow and avoids getting sliced up by a cosplay reject holding a dagger to her throat. And that’s before the storyteller’s breath brings stories to life.

Home is the mission—to return to her family and pursue her life’s dream of art and travel. Yet the longer she’s in the Land of Ur, the harder it is not to feel for the people she meets. Even her artistic side can’t help but breathe in the beautiful wonder and magic of this new world. So when the Oracle hands her a different quest, she takes it on the condition he sends her home afterward.

No one thought to warn her of a jealous queen and her dragon minions. Or that, by helping her, the cute storyteller would go crazy. Or that her heart would rip in two when she left. Those would’ve been great facts to know ahead of time.

Considering that nothing in Ur is what it seems, the mission proves to be more than she ever imagined. But more than her own future will be in jeopardy if Kamryn doesn’t succeed.

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About the Author

desiree-williamsDesiree Williams is a dreamer by day and chocoholic by night. She lives in the beautiful state of Kentucky with her husband and daughter, where she juggles life as a wannabe supermom. Desiree is a lover of food and avoider of dirty dishes. She delights in making people laugh and strives to bring hope and love with her wherever she goes.

You can find out more about Desiree and her books at

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