The Final Paladin Blog Tour: Knights, Knights, and More Knights! Visual Post by Visual Post by T. J. Akers

With every blog tour that Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing hosts, I get more and more excited for their books.

Today is no exception (especially after reading some of the other posts by this author).

I’m finding that a historical-feel mixed in with fantasy is one of the most intriguing things to me as a reader. (I blame it on the years I loved historical romance and read very little else a few years ago.)

Imagine my excitement when I heard about T.J. Akers’s novel, The Final Paladin, which has both of those genres mixed into one, but with knightly legends!

Hopefully today’s post about Godfrey (with super cool pictures) will get you just as excited as I am for this book release! Here’s the synopsis below to get you hooked first just in case. 😉

About the Book

Life for Peg Bowman is rough in the infamous slums of Five Points, New York, but her brother’s murder changes everything.

Thrust into incredible worlds beyond any story she’s ever heard, Peg meets Sir Godfrey, an eleven-hundred-year-old knight from Charlemagne’s court, trainer of Paladins. He reveals to Peg her family’s ancient obligation to protect the Key of Apollyon, a relic of immense power. She is the last descendant of the Paladins and his only hope for keeping it safe.

When Godfrey confides her brother was murdered because of the Key, Peg rejects her calling and demands revenge, a luxury she can ill afford as otherworldly creatures seek her death to claim the Key’s power for themselves.

Can Godfrey and his faithful retinue—Chim the Hobgoblin, Rebecca the Jewish Maven and healer, and Jack the sometimes human and sometimes seven-foot Black Dog—keep her safe and convince her that her calling is worth pursuing? Or will she succumb to the Key’s lure and wield it for revenge?

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Let’s Chat!

A lot of people love tales of knights, and I’m no different. For The Final Paladin, I didn’t choose a Templar (on the cover), a Teutonic Knight, or draw on Arthurian legend. Instead, I used the Paladins of Charlemagne as my inspiration.

One of my main characters in The Final Paladin is Godfrey. He was part of Charlemagne’s united Western Kingdom in the 8th century, but more specifically, Saxony (Germany). The picture below is representation of the Frankish king, Charlemagne.


Figure 1: Charlemagne

Godfrey, being a knight and soldier, would have fought in some of Charlemagne’s campaigns.

  • Conquest of Lombardy (773-774)
  • Saxon Wars (771-804)
  • Lombardy Rebellion (776)— this one in particular
  • Charlemagne’s First Spanish Campaign (also known as the Roncesvalles Campaign) (777-778)
  • Frankish-Moorish Wars (779-812)
  • Lombard War (780)
  • Breton Rebellion (786)
  • Beneventian War (787)
  • Bavarian War (787-788)
  • Frankish-Avar War (791-796)
  • Second Beneventian War (792-?)
  • Slavic War (798)
  • Pannonian Croation War (799-803)
  • Frankish-Byzantine War (801-810)
  • Danish War (808-810)
  • Bohemian War (805-806)

Charlemagne’s forces were comprised mainly of infantry, but he also had cavalry. These were the knights. Godfrey, being a knight, was calvary.

Figure 2: Representation of a Frankish Knight

Figure 2: Representation of a Frankish Knight

The knights weren’t the main expeditionary forces. Armor and warhorses were expensive, so only the wealthy could afford to be knights. Everyone else became infantry. The Frankish cavalry was well known for its chargers.

Figure 3: Frankish Infantry

Figure 3: Frankish Infantry

The important pieces of the armor were the Hauberk, or shirt of chainmail, and the cone-shaped helmet. Here are Frankish weapons: the Frankish axe, Germanic Long Seax, and the cone-shaped helmets.

Figure 4: Frankish Axe

Figure 4: Frankish Axe


Figure 5: Germanic Long Seax

Figure 5: Germanic Long Seax


Figure 6: Cone-Shaped Helms

Figure 6: Cone-Shaped Helms

For the sake of the novel, the Vorpel Blade is a weapon fashioned much differently and from the metal of a meteor. Most of the weapons depicted here would have been made from iron.

Figure 7: Swords

Figure 7: Swords

The Paladin Tradition:

For the purposes of my novel, I didn’t draw on Arthurian legend, Templar tradition, or the Teutonic Knights.

Many believe the seeds of the concept of Chivalry began with Charlemagne, but the earliest appearances in literature have the Paladins as vassals of Roland (character is based on the historical figure Hruodland as mentioned by Einhard in Charlemagne’s biography). Roland’s and Oliver’s stories once rivaled Arthur legends in popularity.

The tales have them retrieving holy relics stolen from Rome by the Saracen giant, Fierabras. In some versions, Roland converts the giant to Christianity. I chose to use the Paladin legends instead of Arthur legends, because Paladins are less known today and far more interesting.

About the Author

T.J. Akers desires to be a multimillionaire when he grows up and give his wealth to his favorite causes: churches, schools, and animal shelters. Since the millions have been slow in coming, he’s settled for working as a computer technician for a state university and volunteering at his church and local animal shelter. Whenever possible, he indulges his love of writing stories to entertain people, especially younger readers.

Akers holds a Masters of English from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and can often be found roaming the university’s library, especially the children’s and young adult sections. Librarians have always been his heroes.

He lives with his beloved wife of thirty years, his dog, and two cats. The dog is an excellent writing companion, but the cats have proven to be rather critical. Learn more at

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We invite you to celebrate T.J. Akers latest release, The Final Paladin, with us! Your hosts are Michele Israel Harper, Laura A. Grace, and the author himself, T.J. Akers.

There will be lots and lots of prizes,* including books, dvds, and even a Mac mini. You don’t want to miss this!


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