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This year has been one of reading of new things.

First, I stepped into the paranormal genre with angels, demons, fairies, pixies, and other magical creatures. Secondly, I read my first horror/paranormal novel since I read Goosebumps in middle school. Thirdly, I will be reading my first steampunk novel.

I’m thankful to know that in jumping into a new genre that I will be in good hands because my amazing author coach is releasing a steampunk novel with a dragonshifter (which also be my first time reading about).

Woo hoo for new things (especially when it comes to books *winks*)!

Without further ado, I present the super cool and super fun Janeen Ippolito as we talk about nerdy stuff, dinner, and of course her upcoming novel, Lawless.

Also, just a quick note before we jump in! At the bottom of this post you will find a scavenger hunt. Be sure to jot down that clue so you can enter to win a signed copy of Lawless!

Okay, no more interruptions! Let’s do this! 😀

About the Book

The salvation of humans and dragons lies within a convicted murderer.

Dragonshifter Kesia Ironfire has one goal—to redeem her past by serving the cruel dragon Pinnacle as a soldier in the dragon-human war.

Then a rogue mission to spy on a new airship explodes into sickening green smoke. The same mysterious green smoke that was present the night of Kesia’s crime. When her dragon overlords deny any involvement, she and her tactical partner Zephryn Nightstalker try to investigate–and are sentenced to death.

Still searching for answers, Kesia and Zephryn flee to the human military capital, where Captain Shance Windkeeper has been furloughed after the destruction of his airship. Eager to discover what–and who–blew up his vessel, he agrees to help Kesia and Zephryn infiltrate High Command. In exchange, Kesia must pretend to be his betrothed so Shance can escape an arranged marriage. If only she knew what ‘betrothed’ and ‘arranged marriage’ meant.

But human social customs are the least of her worries. Dark secrets surface as Kesia delves deeper–secrets that challenge the facts of her crime and undermine the war itself.

A steampunk fantasy adventure with a side of quirky romance and snark.

Release date: September 29, 2017

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Janeen! I am so so SO excited to have you on my blog! For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?

Oh wow, only three? Okay, here goes: clever, creative, and geek. I like coming up with fun twists on stories, I’m always creating new things, and I’m a huge info-geek!

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– Love it, friend! I saw on your website that you call yourself a hopeless romantic. What are some of your favorite movies that have romance?

Serendipity is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has fun timing, likable acting, and John Cusack. Legally Blonde is another: sassitude, silly stereotypes (and overcoming them), lots of humor, and all-around fun! And Hitch. Hitch is hilarious. I generally like my movie romance with a light, snarky touch that still goes into deeper areas, but doesn’t linger there forever.

– I haven’t seen Legally Blonde and Hitch in ages! Both fun movies for sure. 🙂 I also saw you are a “lifelong people-nerd.” What’s one nerdy thing about you that most people may not know? 😉

Hmm, well I’m an MBTI nerd, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about that. In college when I took my first intro communications class, I devoured the textbook cover to cover with detailed notes about using each type of communication and started implementing new ideas in my life based on what I’d learned. Which my roomie thought was really weird. A lot of people in the class didn’t do the reading because they assumed it was basic stuff, but I like to take every opportunity to get fresh insight!

– How interesting! That’s a fun tidbit to learn about you. 🙂 Soooo…LAWLESS! I love this cover so much and did lots of squealing over everything with this book (cover, synopsis, all of it). However, curious minds want to know. What would you do if you found out you were a dragonshifter? What’s one of the first things you would do as a dragon?

Oh man, I would breathe fire! Before I turned into a dragon, I would go to the nearest fire with my hands out and finally get to play with the flames! And THEN I would…well, actually turning into a dragon wouldn’t be all that great unless I had Zephryn’s cloaking Talent, because I’d probably have government agencies all over trying to capture me.

– Ooo that’s sounds awesome!! Hopefully you could have Zephyryn’s cloaking Talent so you wouldn’t be “investigated” by government agencies or anything (that would be totally not be fun). What’s one steampunk gadget/thing that you would love to have?

I really love voicelators, a piece of dragon steampunk tech in the world of Sekastra. Voicelators can alter the pitch and timbre of voices! A voicelator would be fun to play with.

Shance Windkeeper from Janeen’s Lawless Pinterest board

– Haha! I second this! I’ve heard on numerous occasions that most authors can’t choose a favorite character, BUT I wonder who you would want to hang out with for a day. Who’s the lucky character to hang out with you? What would you guys do?

Oh good grief. Probably Shance Windkeeper, just so we could travel somewhere on The Silver Streak! Zephryn would only take me to the library (which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d like to see more). Kesia would be fun as well, but she’s a little hesitant about adventure because of her past. So definitely Shance!

– That sounds like so much fun! Lastly, since you ask some really interesting questions about other people’s characters, I want to ask YOU one. 😉 You, Kesia, and Zephyrn need to go to your local grocery store to pick up something for dinner. What do you guys decide to get and what will you three be making?

We would get a lot of meat, all kinds, because dragons eat a lot even in skin form. And Kesia would be super-curious about everything, so we would get a lot of stuff and charge everything to Zephryn’s credit card (hey, he’s forsaken royalty, he must have money somewhere). We would make pork ribs, steak, whole chickens, duck, and everything else. Zephryn would mutter about the silliness when dragons can just eat it raw, so he would go on potato-peeling duty. And there would be a lot of feasting all evening while introducing both of them to Netflix and Hulu and YouTube videos. Despite his snarky grumblings, Zephryn would end up enjoying everything as well.

– Can I join you guys for dinner and after dinner fun? 😉 Thanks so much for chatting with me, Janeen! Loved getting to know you better and your upcoming novel, Lawless!

What’s one thing you would want to do if you were a dragonshifter? Share with us below!

About the Author

Janeen Ippolito is two authors for the price of one! She writes quirky nonfiction world-building and writing resources, plus she’s an author of speculative fiction with monsters, misfits, and mushy stuff. She’s also an experienced author coach, teacher, and the Fearless Leader (president) of Uncommon Universes Press. In her spare time, she enjoys sword-fighting, reading, food, and making brownie batter. A lifelong misfit, she believes different is beautiful and that everyone has the ability to tell their story. Two of her goals are eating fried tarantulas and traveling to Antarctica. This extroverted writer loves getting connected, so find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and at her two websites: and



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