New Name Blog Tour: Author Interview with Coffee Drinking A.C. Williams


I am so excited for today’s interview! Amy had reached out to me earlier this year and it has been so exciting to get to  know her.

It is with joy to feature her as a special guest today and chat a little more about the names in her book (which are amazing) and what she would bring with her from her past if she were 250 years in the future.

Grab a blanket and a few pillows for my fun chat with Amy, but first let me introduce you to her book, New Name.

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About the Book

New Name A.C. Williams.jpg

An unlikely sisterhood.
An unwanted child.
An unthinkable sacrifice.

Aura Morningstar takes the last fragment of the time travel stone and escapes the Knightshade Syndicate by stowing away on a mercenary ship. Despite a rocky start to their relationship, Aura builds a new life with the crew, eccentric mercenary sisters Snow and Rain Stormcloud.

But the consequences of refusing to change history are only beginning.

Aura discovers she is pregnant with Darien Stone’s child. The Stormcloud sisters are pressuring Aura to terminate the pregnancy, but Aura knows all too well the easy choice isn’t always the right one. Can she ever truly accept a child born of rape? Can she face the constant reminder of all she has lost? And if she keeps the child, will Snow and Rain continue to shelter her? Without their protection, Knightshade will find her, take back the time stone, and rewrite history for their purposes.

Aura must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice—Stone’s child or history itself.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Amy! I am SO excited to have you on my blog! For those who don’t know you, can you share three words to describe yourself?



Scottish (which is a synonym for overly stubborn). 😉

– Haha! I like that. You mention in your bio that you live in your family’s 100-year-old farmhouse. What are some of your favorite memories that have taken place on those 5 acres?

Oh my goodness. There are so many memories. I’ve lived in this crazy old place for 20+ years, and every day there’s a new memory. Probably the fondest memory is of the old apricot tree in the orchard where I would climb up into its branches and read Trixie Belden books as a child. The most recent memory happened just a week or so ago. See, when the homeowners installed electricity in the house, they had to cut holes in the wood floors on the second level, but instead of actually patching the holes, they just laid the cut wood back over the holes. Well, the other evening, it was late, dark, and I was half asleep and wasn’t wearing my glasses, and I stepped on one of those holes. I went through the floor and caught my big toenail on the edge of it, so it bent in half. While I was bleeding all over the place, I got the floor panels back in place. Then I wrapped my toe up and went to bed. The next morning I went downstairs, and my mom told me we’d had an earthquake. She showed me the large hole in the ceiling of her office. And I had to say, “No, that was me.

coffee-1030971_1920.jpg– That just sounds painful and makes me cringe. You also mention that you drink far too much coffee. What are some of your favorite coffee flavors?

I will drink just about any kind of coffee (except weak coffee, bleck!). But flavored coffee is a treat. My mainstay is a strong brew with a dash of cream or milk. Admittedly, I’ve got to have one cup in the morning before I’m even coherent. So not a morning person.

– One of my favorite things about New Name are the character’s names. They are awesome, plain and simple. What inspired or how did you come up with such beautiful and space-like names?

I love names. Even when I was 10 years old, I loved reading baby name books to see what names meant. I think it’s so many years of studying the Bible and seeing the importance of names in Scripture. So for some of the names I chose, I wanted a name that identified a character’s personality.

Snow and Rain are pretty obvious meanings. One is cold, and the other is driven, but both are storms. Aura is a different story. I struggled for years trying to find her real name. I knew she would be called Xander from the very beginning, but as far as her real name, it too me a while. And finally I met a woman through an office I worked in whose name was Aura, and it sort of just clicked for me. One of Aura’s purposes in the Destiny Trilogy is to be a bringer of light, and that’s what the name Aura means. Everyone else? Well, I don’t want to give too much away. I’m working on a website page where I’ll explain the meaning and purpose behind character names. Because there are no accidents. So everyone’s name means something.

– I eagerly look forward to that website page! Each name definitely sounded like it meant something as I was reading. Snow and Rain Stormcloud are something else! Which one of the twins do you think you’re most like?

Oh, Rain, most definitely. I’ve even been told that Rain is grumpy me without Jesus.

– I’ve heard on numerous occasions that most authors can’t choose a favorite character, BUT I am curious about who you would want to hang out with for a day. Who’s the lucky character to hang out with you? What would you guys do?

It’s tough to answer this question without spoilers. So the non-spoilery answer to this question is probably Snow. I think Snow and I would get along. We’d read books and travel the galaxy, and I’d cook for her. We’d be besties. That being said, I think Marvin and I could have some fantastic geeky conversations. And I’d love to drink a cup of coffee with Marshall Wallace.

arc-1306657_1920.jpg– Interesting! Hanging out with Marvin would be a fun one. If Snow and Rain were teaching you the master one weapon (though I’m pretty sure they would want you to master multiple weapons), what would be your weapon of choice?

Something long distance, like a rifle or a crossbow. Being in the midst of a fight would absolutely terrify me, but if I had to do it, I think a long-distance type of combat would be more my style.

– I wouldn’t mind learning the crossbow myself. Lastly, if you were in the same shoes at Aura in the sense of being 250 years in the future, what are three items you would like to have from your past?

Maybe it’s clichéd, but I would want my Bible first of all. Second, I’d want a photo album of my family and closest friends so I could remember everything they’ve taught me. And thirdly? A magic bottomless cup that alternates between coffee and Coke Zero.

– Perfect!  I appreciate you stopping by today and sharing about New Name, Amy.

About the Author

A.C. Williams.jpgAmy Williams is a novelist, freelance writer, founding member of Crosshair Press LLC, and professional nerd. You can find most of her work under the name A.C. Williams, but she also writes young adult fantasy (The Legend of the Lightkeepers) under the pen name Kimberly McNeil. Amy is single and lives in her family’s 100-year-old farmhouse on five acres in the middle of the Kansas prairie. She loves cats and drinks far too much coffee.


Connect with Amy

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