#onelinewednesday: 100 Days of Sunlight

I absolutely love love love when a story packs an emotional punch and fuels you to want to be a better person.

Though I may not like the sob fest involved, 100 Days of Sunlight delivered in such a powerful way that her book now holds a small little piece of my heart.

Sooooo many little gems that remind me to be involved with others and not just “trapped” in my books all day. LOL!

My favorite quote I decided to share today was one by Weston (I think most of my face quotes were said by him) and was a good reminder to me we should be encouraging others.

Sometimes our own “back stories” may be dark, but sharing our struggles to others in a way that could sound like comparison or “I had much worse,” doesn’t lead to anyone feeling encouraged. Chances are it will lead to that person feeling downcast, upset, and/or angry.

It’s only when we’ve found hope and can keep going through the struggle that we can encourage.

If you’re subscriber of my newsletter, you’ll know I’m very big on sharing my struggles and story of overcoming. I think it’s important for others to know that they can be overcomers too, but Weston’s words hit me that it’s important to share the “light” as well. Not just the dark and hard days.

I’m hoping to change that. I want to share the joyful, not just the hard.

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