#onelinewednesday: Faithless

I wish I wasn’t sick and brain muddled so I could accurately describe how much I loved the book I’m sharing about today. It well exceeded ALL my expectations and absolutely loved everything about this powerful story.

Truly, if you haven’t started The Ironfire Legacy series by Janeen Ippolito, I strongly recommend starting it. Faithless, book two, releases tomorrow and it is hands down a must read. The author weaves in so many layers to the story itself and the characters. I felt encouraged and inspired by different truths that characters like Kesia learn about herself. It’s ultimately a story of growth, and I think one for the reader too.

At least this reader did. Sometimes I don’t realize different hidden things in my heart that need to be “addressed” until I read or hear a story that deeply resonates with me. Not being afraid to be who who you are was one of them.

It reminded me to not be afraid and to embrace who I am, regardless of what someone may say or feel about me (and that’s in the present and past). I’m uniquely me and that’s something to be remembered as well as honored on a daily basis.

And thankfully, that’s not just for me, but for you too, friend. Embrace your strength. Embrace you because you are uniquely who you are for a wonderful purpose. <3

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