#onelinewednesday: Heartmender

I don’t read Christian fiction much anymore, but when I do I’m always reminded why it was exclusively all I read ten plus years ago (and why I love it).

This book may not be considered “Christian fiction.” However, the allegory woven through V. Romas Burton’s Heartmender is one that inspires and encourages as the Christian novels I use to read.

So many different things I could say, but I’ll focus on one.

We are never alone.

Regardless of what kind of choice we make (or don’t make), as a Christian, I know without a shadow of doubt, Jesus is with me. Though Addie’s story is only fictional, her journey testifies to that there are forces of light and darkness around us. That we can choose to be “mended” by someone greater than us and who loves and cares for us.

The choice we make to serve either one will reflect our inner hearts, actions, and thoughts.

Her beginning journey might have been full of uncertainty, fear, and doubt, but she becomes a character that I aspire to be in real life.

Brave, loyal, and trusting in faith.

I’m so excited for this story to be out in the hands of readers because I believe that regardless of a reader’s view or perspective of faith, I think this story can be appreciated as a worthy fantasy and encourage any reader. (I know I’m already itching to get my hands on book two!)

It’s one of my favorite reads this year and will be recommending to everyone I know.

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