#onelinewednesday: Kingdom of Ash and Soot

I’m getting a late start today in sharing such an excellent story, but better late than never, right? šŸ˜‰

Kingdom of Ash and Soot from C.S. Johnson was fantastic! (Definitely one of my favorite reads of this year.)

It was packed full of political intrigue, but not so much where it went over my head or was hard to remember. The Cinderella twist honestly made it even cooler and will forever look at her story differently, imaging if she became a secret, undercover spy.

Her story is inspiring and full of depth, love, and overcoming. It’s a fight for freedom in not only an “obvious” way of trying to get out of a horrible situation that literally only brings her down, but also one of a personal fight for freedom.

Granted, when secret after secret keeps being revealed about your past just how hard is it to find that freedom?

Hard as Elenora’s life shows, but she refuses to let those secrets stop her. I’ll let this quote below perfectly wrap up her struggle.

Never stop fighting, friends. <3

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