#onelinewednesday: Reintegration

Recently I had the opportunity to read and review Ashley Bogner’s debut, Reintegration, and it was a book I definitely needed to read (at just the right time too!).

I very much loved the transformation of the main character, Katherine. I found it to be encouraging and inspiring as she sought to truly overcome fear and be bold in her actions. Though I can’t go into much detail about it, I will say that her “awakening” was pretty amazing. It was interesting to read to say the least.

Now, let’s talk about Matthew for just a moment.

He is such a sweet guy! He made my heart smile despite everything that was going on. I absolutely loved when he was on the scene, despite any mixed feelings he might have caused for a few people. Talk about a character who’s not afraid (well, he might have been, but he’s still courageous)!

However, even without all the cheesy grins on my part, he plays just a beautiful role in Katherine’s life that was touching and powerful. This quote from Katherine below is only a small glimpse into how he changes her life for the better (in more ways than one).

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