#onelinewednesday: Shadow’s Hand

Time for another #onelinewednesday and this week is from one of my new favorite reads!

It was incredibly explosive and one that definitely didn’t disappoint.

Enter Noelle Nichols’s Shadow’s Hand.

I came in with an expectation of it having similar feels to the manga/anime Rurouni Kenshin and I got something just as uniquely awesome. It had those feels from Kenshin, yes, but Kilo is just as awesome and amazing in his own way. (Yes, I said awesome twice and would totally say it again. *winks*)

Seriously, he is a new character I am hardcore shipping because of his loyalty, his desire to see positive change, and his heroic personality. He just has so many qualities that I love in a hero and couldn’t help but cheer for him from the first page.

Now, granted there are a lot of other really cool things about this story, such as the idea of Shadows and Phantoms following a Creed. (It truly reminded me of what I have heard about samurai, which is something I’m always looking out for.)

Yet…Kilo. He’s my favorite part, and as he would say below, sometimes the only way to experience something is to find out for oneself.

In this case, reading about how awesome he is. 😉 (And Shadow’s Hand is currently $0.99 on Amazon, which is a great deal if you ask me! *winks*)

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