#onelinewednesday: The Beast of Talesend

It is always an amazing feeling when a book completely surprises you in how much you greatly enjoyed it (and I mean to the point where you can’t stop grinning because it’s just so awesome).

Author Kyle Robert Shultz’s The Beast of Talesend definitely did this for me.

I had already heard amazing things about this story, but it took me actually reading it to know just how right those people were. The book was so good! I recently told the author that I didn’t realize how much I needed this book until after I finished it. A story told after the fairy tale ended? No way!

Yes way! Kyle has brought readers an unexpected and epic tale that involves the even more awesome Nick (aka turned Beast). Though I’m not going into details of his exciting new adventure, this quote below is one of my favorites. Made me think about my Christian walk as well as how fairy tales will never be the same again in my eyes.

If you’re curious for all the other glowy things I said about this book, check out my review here on Goodreads. Like Nick, I’m pretty sure once you read his story, you’re going to want read more of it, forever changing one part of your bookshelf.

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