#onelinewednesday: The Electrical Menagerie

There I was.

Minding my own business at my dinner table, listening to the wind howl and pounding rain as Hurricane Florence (turned tropical depression at that moment) went slowly over my home.

Yet at the same time, I wasn’t home.

I was watching Carthage perform in Mollie E. Reeder’s The Electrical Menagerie next to a young girl who was just as swept into this magical display as I was. Tears came to my eyes as the sounds and sights of his performance blew me away from a storm into something magical.

Truly, The Electrical Menagerie was everything and more. I didn’t know I needed it until I read it to be honest, but in that exact moment, there was no other place I wanted to be.

And the amazing part is that it wasn’t just the scenes of performances I mentioned that blew me away. No, it was scenes where I was almost sobbing while eating imaginative popcorn because restoration of dreams you didn’t realize are blooming and unfolding in such a powerful way you can’t help but smile a teary smile.

One of those dreams for me has been writing the words in my mind onto my computer. However, as Carthage points out, imagination can sometimes be a fickle thing and grateful that him and Huxley’s story reminded me not to give up.

Instead, maybe I just needed to turn the page in a new book for a short time until “imagination” decided to say hello again. 😉

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