#onelinewednesday: The Fractured Empire

More firsts for the first Wednesday in a new month!

I’m super excited to be sharing today’s book quote from my very first dieselpunk (granted, it was mixed in with some intriguing fantasy too) from debut author, Robin D. Mahle.

Her upcoming novel The Fractured Empire was such a fun story! Had a tad bit of language then I usually care for, but the story was just simply awesome.

Addie and Clark are my new ship couple and totally need to find out what that ship name is! They complimented each other so well, but at the same time were like putting a cat and dog together. LOL!

Through their struggles together and individually they learn a few things that resonated with me, including this quote from Addie’s best friend below. I have gotten better at showing my true emotions compared to hiding them behind some veil, but I have to admit that I think I’m guilty of doing exactly what she does (and not just in this way).

Thankfully, Addie was able to share this part of her story with readers and remind me that it’s okay to show our true emotions with people we call friend.

And I didn’t have to run for my life and hope I get my questions answered in a timely fashion like a certain someone. 😉

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