#onelinewednesday: The Stormer Trilogy

Earlier this year I had the chance to read Sarah Addison-Fox’s Illuminate. It. Was. SO. Good! I absolutely loved it and claimed it as one of my favorite books this year (and would have totally bought it in paperback if it was available).

After I finished it, I was itching to read more of her stories. The world of Illuminate pulled me in and simply wanted more, whether a sequel or a `completely different series.

Thankfully the opportunity arose where I was able to binge read her latest published series, The Stormers Trilogy.

It was first introduced to me as Mulan meets Prince of Persia and was instantly intrigued (because Mulan is awesome). After reading the first book, Retrieve, I could see why.

That is exactly what I got!

As the story progressed, the books just kept getting better and better. More intense. More plot twists. More character awesomeness. More I-need-to-know-what-is-going-to-happen-next-ASAP. 😉

I have to admit that I was sad when I finished the trilogy because I immensely enjoyed these stories and wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

However, it’s a good thing I can always come back and reread these books again. I know I wouldn’t mind doing another reread. 😉

And because it wouldn’t be a #onelinewednesday without sharing a book quote, here is my favorite from Retreat, book two.

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