#onelinewednesday: Tilt

Welcome to Wednesday, a day filled with magical wanderings and flying ponies!

Oh, wait? Maybe that’s just Charlotte from L.M. Ransom’s upcoming release, Tilt. (Aw bummer! That would have been fun. *winks*)

I had a chance to read and review Lift last year and was thrilled to receive an ARC of the sequel. It was totally just as fun as I remembered!

Tilt gave me something deeper, with more magic, surprises, and growth compared to Lift. Though there was a fairly strong emphasis on the romance in the beginning, this story really digs deep into these characters and how much is at stake. I came to love Charlotte and Black more, but also became super fond of Dreadful and the house. In fact, I loved things surrounding Dreadful as the story progressed. It made my heart so happy. <3

And once again, the flying ponies were incredibly amazing. I absolutely love how they’re written and conveyed! It’s so much fun!

Yet things can’t always stay happy in stories, right?

As I mentioned before, the stakes are much higher, leaving characters vulnerable and an overall sense of anticipation or dread (depending on what’s going on). However, thankfully even with all that is going on with the flying ponies and the uncertainty looming, Charlotte refused to give up. <3

Let’s hope it continues to stay that way with book three!

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