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They create magical stories.

Unicorn Quester is convinced that all authors use magic to bring their words to life. They send readers to worlds never imagined and captivate us with every page. At Unicorn Quester, we eagerly journey into the depths of each novel to share an author’s magic with the world.

They travel the path few choose.

We believe every author has magic, but we also believe that self-published and small traditional press authors have a unique vision and spark that must be shared widely. We diligently strive to support indie authors and manga creators in their journeys–and joyfully celebrate them.

They waken our inner fangirls.

It is our inner fangirl’s passion to have free reign in sharing the book love. Through engaging memes, interviews, and video reviews, we hope to stand by these incredible storytellers and gush all the feels with readers. No idea is too extreme as we shine light on those authors and creators who brighten our world with their creative brilliance.