Sage Blog Tour: Interview with Jamie Foley

If you’ve been following me on my social media, you might have seen me sharing about a new novel called Sage.

It has been so much fun and the reviews have been amazing! I mean, seriously, have you seen the one from a few days ago on The Page Dreamer?

Completely awesome!

I’m thrilled to be sharing Sage with you all today, but even more excited to be interviewing the incredible woman behind the book, Jamie Foley!

About the Book

Ancient elementals awaken, fracturing a dying world to its core.

Teravyn Aetherswift returns to the land of the living, but everything seems unfamiliar… including her little brother. Zekk offers help, but can an alluring Lynx be trusted?

Sorvashti finally has everything she ever wanted, so the last thing she wants to do is run after traitors. But she won’t leave Jet’s side—unless the horrifying truth about his mother tears them apart.

Darien is sick of being used and lied to. But if he stands up for what’s right, he’ll pay the price with his life… or the lives of those he loves.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Jamie! I’m so excited to have you on the blog again! Last time we chatted, you were releasing Arbiter, book two, and now you’re releasing book three! How does it feel to know you’ve completed a trilogy?

As I write this, I’ve completed Sage, but it hasn’t actually released yet… so I can’t really answer this question yet! 😛 It doesn’t feel real. I’ve been working on this series for so long that I guess, somewhere inside me, I feel like it will never end. I can’t wait to be able to relax and start on a new project… or three!

– Haha! I could imagine! All the covers for this series have been totally epic. What would you do if you were facing a similar creature as the model on the cover of Sage?

Um, well, if it was hostile, I’d probably pull out my .45 and blow it away. And then run for my life when that didn’t work. lol

– LOL! Who is one of your favorite characters? (I know, probably a super unfair question, but I couldn’t resist. Hehe!)

Gah, how could I choose between my own characters? Hmm. Well, let’s be honest–they all have issues. But Sorvashti is probably my most favorite. Don’t tell Jet.

– I love Sorvashti! Now that the trilogy is completed, what’s in store for you next? Any other super cool fantasy stories coming to us readers soon?

Yes ma’am… I’m working on 2 new fantasy series–both will be epic fantasy. One is called Emberhawk, which is planned to be a 3-book series that will happen a couple thousand years before Sentinel. It will be more heavy on the romantic suspense side of things, involving elementals and tribes on the brink of war.

The other upcoming series is called Runes of Kona. It’s planned as a 6-book series on another planet called Kona, but still within the same universe as The Sentinel Trilogy. As you might have guessed, it involves rune magic. And royal bloodlines. And talking trees. And void dragons. hehe.

But since it will take me a while to get these new series out, I’m going to write a short story prequel for The Sentinel Trilogy to tell Zekk’s backstory–it will be available for free for my newsletter subscribers only (sign up at That will come out in fall 2018.

I’m also writing a follow-up book to The Sentinel Trilogy called Sifter, which will tell the story of the children of the heroes 18 years after Sage. That’s planned for release in 2019. 🙂

– Oh. Man. Can I please have all of them? 😀 So excited for all that is in store for us readers! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me interview you, Jamie!

About the Author

Jamie Foley loves strategy games, home-grown berries, and Texas winters. She’s terrified of plot holes and red wasps.

Her husband is her manly cowboy astronaut muse. They live between Austin, TX and their family cattle ranch, where their hyperactive spawnling and wolfpack can run free.



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  1. Deborah O'Carroll March 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    Loving all the interviews! And I’m so excited about future books… O_O

    • Laura A. Grace March 24, 2018 at 3:52 pm - Reply

      Yay! So glad you’re enjoying the interviews! Also, I totally can’t wait for future books too!

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