Songflight Blog Tour: Character Interview with Alísa

Do you remember the last time I had an interview with a character?

*coughs* I think it might have been back in October…

Yeahhhh, *nervous laughter* it’s been a little while, BUT!

We are remedying this as of today! 😀

I am beyond ecstatic to interview the very sweet Alísa from Michelle M. Bruhn’s upcoming fantasy release, Songflight!

And guys, she is so so so sweet and can’t wait for you guys to meet her! However, let me first introduce you to Songflight (with Alísa front and center!!) and then will dive into her our chat about snacks and character crushes! 😉

About the Book

Alísa was born to lead her clan of dragon slayers, but her vocal stammer has robbed her of confidence and respect. If she can’t lead slayers, how on A’dem is she supposed to lead dragons?

As the only child of a dragon slayer chief, Alísa’s purpose should have been simple: lead the clan in ridding humankind of the dragon scourge. But while gaining respect from hardened warriors is difficult enough with a vocal stammer, when they learn her empathic powers connect uncontrollably to the dragon enemy, it becomes impossible.

Confidence shattered, Alísa resigns herself to silent service under her father’s apprentice. But when her growing connection reveals one dragon’s capacity for good, she realizes the war isn’t as black and white as the slayers teach. Now Alísa faces an impossible choice: stay with her family in comfortable but condemning silence, or follow the dragon claiming to know her true purpose.

“Songflight is a hope-filled adventure that encourages the reader to look for the good – not only within themselves, but also within others. Music, dragons, found family, and characters who prove that true strength doesn’t always lie at the tip of a blade. What more could you ask for?”
— A.K.R. Scott, author of the Music Maker series

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Alísa! I am SO excited to be chatting with you! It’s not every day I get to chat with a super cool character so please don’t mind my fangirl squeals! 😀 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? <3

*blushes* Thank you for having me here t—t-t-today. Let’s see. I g—grew up in the hill country, a vast green space with rocky c-c-crags and mountains sprinkled throughout. My f—father is a wayfaring slayer chief, so I t-t-travelled throughout the countryside alongside him and the c—c—c— *breathes* clan for much of my t-teenage years. As a female slayer, I have the g-gift of empathy, meaning I feel the emotions of b—beings around me and can sometimes manipulate those emotions. Oh, b-b-but don’t worry! It’s against the s-slayers’ code to do it to a human.

*clears throat* Besides that b—b-biographical information, I love riding (horses and dragons!), song-weaving, and most recently have learned t-to enjoy céilí dancing.

– Wow! It sounds absolutely lovely where you live and being able to regularly ride dragons!? I must come visit! 😀 Though I have to admit thinking about traveling, makes me think of how I’m I’m ready for a second breakfast this morning! *laughs* What is one of your favorite go-to snacks? 

Mmm, my favorite is blackberry s-sweetbread. It’s one of the few things that Sesína won’t try t—t-t-t-to steal from me! Apparently dragons d-don’t taste sweet things very well.

– That sounds VERY delicious! Can I tell you a secret? I am a HUGEEEE shipper, meaning I really really reallyyyy like ooooing and aaaahhing when two said people like each other. It’s just soooo romantic seeing feelings admitted and expressed. *happy sigh* *coughs* Sorry about that! *whispers* Do you by chance have a *giggles* cute crush on anyone? I won’t tell the said person if you do! 😀

*blushes almost as red as her hair* W—well…yes. There is someone. He’s sweet and k-kind and happy. I’ve never met anyone q-q-quite like him. Or, at least, anyone like him who would choose t-t-to give the time to get to know me. On top of the…the stammer that quite l—literally takes time to get through, I have a bit of an introvert shell as well. B—but he somehow gets through both.

– AWWWWWW! *coughs* I mean, that is SO sweet! I am very happy for you Alísa and hope many good things for your future! <3 For my last question, from my understanding, you have a lot of dragons in your world, correct? That is awesome! We have none sadly where I am from (but being human is still cool, right?). I could imagine being surrounded by dragons can sometimes be dangerous! Do you have any advice for us who have no experience being around said dragons? 

*laughs* Oh yes, t-tons of dragons! It’s a little hard to give advice about, since w—waiting to find out if they’re friendly or not c-c-can be a recipe for disaster if they’re antagonistic. R—respect goes a long way, though. Respect their power, b-but also respect their p—p—p-personhood. They have their own c-culture, their own societies, their own individual thoughts about the c—c—c-current human-dragon war. When you respect them enough to get to know them as individuals, they can be the m—most powerful of allies and the most wonderful of friends.

– That is fantastic advice, Alísa! Though I hope that if I can visit, I’ll be able to stay close to your side and let you do all in the introductions! *laughs* Thank you so very much for chatting with me! I really enjoyed getting to know more about you, Alísa! <3

Thank you, Laura. I must admit, I got a bit n—nervous when Michelle said I had to interview, b—but you’ve made me feel so welcomed. It was wonderful to meet you!

– Aww! *hugs* You are so kind! <3

About the Author

Michelle M. BruhnMichelle M. Bruhn is a YA fantasy author whose stories focus on outcasts, hard questions, and hope. She is passionate about seeing through others’ eyes and helping others to do the same, especially through characters with diverse life experiences. She finds joy in understanding others, knows far too much about personality theories, and binge-watches TED Talks on a regular basis. She spends the rest of her free time making and listening to music, walking, reading, and snuggling with her cats.

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  1. Michelle M. Bruhn August 18, 2020 at 7:29 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour, Laura! I loved creating this post with you—so fun!!! 😀

    • Laura A. Grace August 19, 2020 at 8:30 pm - Reply

      Thank YOU! I loved being part of the fun! Alísa is so so so sweet!!

  2. MH Elrich August 19, 2020 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    This is adorable. Love it.

    • Laura A. Grace August 20, 2020 at 9:16 am - Reply

      EEEPP! I am SO glad you like it!! I can’t wait to read her story!! <3

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