Book Love Friday: This Poem Is A Weapon (And Bonus Author Interview!)

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Today is extra the fun! Not only am I sharing a "Three Reasons Why" video review, but I'm also interviewing the author behind said book! YAY! If you enjoy reading poetry, then truly you are in for a treat! I'm sharing some reasons (and snippets!) why I think you should read Bethany A. Jennings's latest collection, This Poem Is A Weapon, but also chatting with [...]

#onelinewednesday: This Poem Is A Weapon

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Do you enjoy reading poetry? I use to say, "No, I don't," but only because I felt I couldn't resonate with the poems I was reading. They seemed "above" me or just didn't make sense. Yet, as more of my close friends have published their poetry in the last few months, I'm finding that's not true anymore. An excellent poetry collection that has deeply resonated [...]

Cover Reveal: Severed Veil

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Readers of short stories, dragons, fantasy, and all things awesome, I have an announcement for you today! Bethany A. Jennings is releasing a new collection of short stories! I repeat Bethany A. Jennings is releasing a new collection of short stories! Check out this stunning new cover for her upcoming release, Severed Veil, and grab an e-copy on Amazon. (Definitely sounds like one not to [...]

Interview with Chronic Night Owl Bethany A. Jennings

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One of the first writing friends I made was Bethany A. Jennings. When I first "saw" her on Facebook, she was at Realm Makers and had shared a picture online with her holding a nerf gun. Besides looking totally cool, I don't recall exactly why I reached out to her, except I felt strongly lead to. That is a decision I will never regret. She is such [...]

#onelinewednesday: Threadbare

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My friend (aka my writing mentor) Bethany A. Jennings just released her first ebook, Threadbare! I finished reading it just a little bit ago and I immensely enjoyed this short story. For it being so small, it definitely had a lot of depth that made Bess more easily relatable then I would have thought. The magic streams were fascinating. I thought it to be a really cool [...]

Bethany A. Jennings: Author Spotlight

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Click HERE to learn more Woo hoo! I'm so excited to be spotlighting the tenth special guest for The Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party! Meet Bethany Bethany A. Jennings wrangles toddlers by day and writes intense speculative fiction by night. She's passionate about science-fiction and fantasy, the intersection of Christianity and fiction, and the power of story to shape hearts and change culture. Visit [...]