Heirs of Tirragyl Blog Tour: Author Interview with Creative Writing Joan Campbell

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It's books like Joan's that remind me why I strongly love reading fantasy. Her book teleported me to a new realm, where I could sit with new characters (or attempt to run far far away were they could never find me) and chat about the goings of Nyla's kingdom or maybe even Gwyndorr. Did I mention that some of those characters have magical rocks and [...]

Book Love Friday: Chains of Gwyndorr

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Want an inside glimpse of what Chains of Gwyndorr is about? Check out this book trailer I made above and then snag your paperback on Amazon! Did you miss the interview I had with Joan Campbell yesterday? Click here to see what she enjoys doing in South Africa as well as what power rock she would like to have.

Interview with Fantasy Writing Joan Campbell

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Who's ready to talk about some exciting, good magic in a priceless fantasy tale? I am, I am! Grab a blanket and a few pillows for my fun chat with Joan about inspiration and hanging out with her characters from her debut novel, Chains of Gwyndorr. About Joan Joan Campbell is the author of Encounters: Life Changing Moments with Jesus, a collection of short stories, reflections, and [...]

#onelinewednesday from Chains of Gwyndorr

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Have you ever read a story that made you feel a range of emotions, to extreme happiness and then to wiping tears from your eyes? Joan Campbell's novel Chains of Gwyndorr did that for me. I was excited to have the chance to review her book, but was also slightly nervous since it had been a long time since I read anything with magic. She blew [...]