Team Lines Release Day!!

By | 2020-07-15T09:08:34-04:00 July 15th, 2020|Bookish Love, Poetry|

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S REALLY HERE!!!!! Granted, I'm a day late sharing, but TEAM LINES is officially out in the virtual world and I couldn’t be more excited! These poems are so precious to me and thrilled I can FINALLY share them with you! LINK BELOW to start reading on my website, see exclusive illustrations, and a video of why I love Haikyuu so much [...]

More Than A Replacement

By | 2020-06-30T15:35:10-04:00 July 12th, 2020|Poetry|

You came and you fought, Replacement. A simple fill-in for another who seemed greater than you, But you didn’t stop. Your heart might have feared, “Can I do this?” Your mind might have asked, “How?”

Passed Over

By | 2020-06-30T16:09:57-04:00 July 12th, 2020|Poetry|

I remember when we first crossed paths. Do you remember? I thought those words that I dread now: “He’s nothing special.” I turned around and walked away, Not giving you a second glance, Only looking forward to the future With precision and determination.

Pick Up the Ball

By | 2020-06-30T16:10:16-04:00 July 12th, 2020|Poetry|

Please don’t quit. Pick up the ball once more. Let it reignite your passion For the game you loved (and still love). There is no time to waste. Enough time has already been wasted, right? Don’t waste time. Pick up the ball once more. Your hands itch to hold it, Begging just to feel the sting in your palm.

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