Manga Recommendations: Sayonara, Football

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HAPPY RELEASE DAY NAOSHI ARAKAWA! I am SO excited to be sharing another clean manga review, and today it is all about Sayonara, Football from Kodansha Comics! I deeply enjoyed it and absolutely thrilled to be gushing all about this girls soccer manga! About Sayonara Football Before Farewell, My Dear Cramer (Arakawa's current series) and Your Lie in April,  there was … Sayonara, Football, Naoshi Arakawa's breakthrough soccer manga! 14-year-old Nozomi [...]

Manga Recommendations: Karate Heat

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I am SOOOOO excited to be sharing my another CLEAN manga recommendations video! It's my plan to monthly share one clean manga and this one is SUCH a good one! About Karate Heat "All you need is the floor and your body. Then all that's left is to make a fist."...Shinya Kinoshita, a boy with incredible posture, and Takumi Yanagiya, the 6-time elementary school national [...]