Book Love Friday: Without A Vision

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Enjoy reading about superheroes? Here are three reasons why you should read Yaasha Moriah's novella, Without A Vision. Don't forget to snag a copy on Amazon! ;) Did you miss the interview I had with the author yesterday? Click HERE to hear her publishing story concerning this novella and what her superpower would be.

Author Interview with Joyfully Curious Yaasha Moriah

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I love branching outside of my "usual" genre. Today's book feature is no exception as it's a superhero story and I'm thrilled to be sharing about it, especially since the author is a good friend of mine. If you've been wanting to get to know Yaasha Moriah or learn more about her book, Without A Vision, then come join me as I ask her a [...]

#onelinewednesday: Without A Vision

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I'm changing things up! On Wednesdays I usually share one of my favorite quotes from a recent read with a short review. However, I realized I give a "review" twice in that I share on Wednesday and Friday. For the time being I'm going to mainly share exclusively my favorite book quotes from a read I'll be featuring that week and maybe a question or [...]

Interview with Speculative Fiction Writer Yaasha Moriah

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Sometime last year I met this super cool author on Twitter. She shared some really interesting "facts" about her WIP (work-in-progress) that had me immensely intrigued and really wanting to read. As I got to learn more, I continuously liked her tweets and often shared how much I liked what she was sharing. Then one day she reached out to me asking if I wanted to beta [...]

#onelinewednesday: Project Minerva

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One night I was bored and was looking for a quick read. As I was scrolling through my Kindle looking for something, I came across Yaasha Moriah's Project Minerva. Whoa! What a story! I absolutely love the author’s writing and found the story very compelling. The different and almost clashing personalities of Jennifer and Sophia kept me reading and glued to my seat. Plus, there is [...]