#TCO3Trilogy Blog Tour: Character Interview with Zoe and Daniel

Oh my goodness, I am soooooo excited for today’s interview, friends!

Tabitha’s book The Chronicle of the Three: Eden Sword released this past Tuesday and WOW! It had so many unexpected feels. I knew there would be, but I was totally caught off guard how the whole book was pretty much just feels. Haha!

If you love reading urban fantasy novels with a Gilmore Girls vibe and epic sword fighting, then definitely stay tuned for my chat with characters Zoe and Daniel!

About the Books

(Note from me: For those who haven’t read this fun series yet, I’m only sharing the synopsis of TCO3 Bloodline to not accidentally spoil it for anyone.)

Zoe thought the loss of her parents would be the most difficult thing she’d ever have to endure. When she began seeing things she couldn’t explain in her new home of Torchcreek, Virginia, she was sure the grief was driving her mad. Instead Zoe discovers she is part of an ancient bloodline, one destined to defeat the powers of darkness from condemning the world. But Zoe, the daughter of the three, isn’t just another descendant–she’s the key to humanity’s salvation.

In this first installment of the Christian fantasy trilogy The Chronicle of the Three, Zoe Andrews learns that not all shadows are harmless interceptions of light. Some are a more sinister darkness that wants to torment the soul.

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Zoe! Hi Daniel! I’m so excited to be chatting with both of you! Since I have been eagerly anticipating our conversation, I thought it be fun to ask questions about what you think the other would have or say. Sort of a fun way for us all to get to know each other better. Okay, well maybe ME get to know you both better. *(starry eyes)*

Zoe: Hi, Laura! We are super excited to chat with you too.

Daniel: Yeah, I mean it’s kind of weird that people want to know so much about us, but I guess it’s cool. We’re an open book. Mostly. 😉

– Haha! Well you guys are simply awesome, Daniel. 😉 For my first question, what’s one thing that GREATLY annoys them?

Zoe: In general? Well, nothing annoys Michael.

Daniel: That isn’t true. Sarcasm annoys him.

Zoe: You being sarcastic annoys him. He’s fine with the rest of us. *giggles*

Picture from Tabitha’s Maggie Board on Pinterest

Daniel: I don’t find that funny. *grins* What about Claire? I don’t really know what annoys her?

Zoe: Uh, we do. Especially when we beg her to cook for us. Or when we complain. She doesn’t like complaining. She says it serves no purpose other than to waste energy.

Daniel: Happiness annoys Lucas.

Zoe: That’s not true.

Daniel: *raises eye brow in question*

Zoe: I’m serious. He likes us to think it annoys him but he’s acting. He likes it. He likes us, even if he hates to admit it most of the time. What really annoys him is homework.

Daniel: And Maggie.

Zoe: She does n…well, maybe a little but only when she is super perky and hyper.

Maggie: *pops her head in* What about being perky and hyper?

Daniel: It annoys Lucas.

Maggie: I do not annoy anyone, especially Lucas. I am the light of your lives!

Zoe: Go back to your lollipop, Mags.

Maggie: I will, but I’m totally listening in on the rest of this interview.

Daniel: We would expect nothing less.

Zoe: *laughing at Maggie’s expression* I guess we know what annoys her.

Daniel: She is annoyed by moodiness and cloudy days more than she is at me.

Zoe: True.

– Annoyed by moodiness. I love it! Haha! What’s one thing you think the other likes best about you?

Daniel: Want to answer for each other?

Zoe: Sure. I think what everyone likes best about you is your calm. You are always pretty chill, even in tough situations. You bring us all down off the ledge just by being you. *she blows him a little kiss*

Daniel: *smiles and makes a kissy face back* Well, I think what everyone likes best about you is that you are so selfless. You try to put everyone else’s needs above your own. We always know how much you care about us because of that.

Picture from Tabitha’s Zoe Board on Pinterest

Zoe: *blushes and lays her head on his shoulder*

Daniel: We all want you to know its okay to put yourself first some of the time, you gotta take care of you too.

Zoe: You take pretty good care of me.

Daniel: Cuz, you’re my favorite. *kisses her head*

– Awww! You guys are adorable!! If a Boy Scout comes to the door selling popcorn, would they hide in the kitchen or buy popcorn?

Daniel: Oh, this one is easy. We would all hide. Except Maggie.

Zoe: Maggie would end up helping the kid sell the rest of his popcorn.

Daniel: Totally. She would completely take over but he’d reach his sales goals.

*You hear Maggie’s voice from the other side of the door* They aren’t wrong!

– LOL! I bet Maggie would offer a lollipop to them too! 😉 Do you know their hidden talent (beside kicking demon butt)?

Zoe: Maybe some of them. Maggie is a great artist.

Daniel: Lucas plays guitar. But don’t tell him I told you. He hates for anyone to know.

Zoe: Daniel here is pretty good with building things.

Daniel: Zo is an amazing dancer, but I guess that one isn’t really hidden but people forget.

Zoe: Claire is a great cook. I mean we aren’t always begging her to make us food for nothing. She can make use about anything, too.

Daniel: What about Michael? Dude doesn’t really have hobbies.

Zoe: Actually, the big guy bakes.

Daniel: Since when?

Zoe: Since Eden Sword remember? Oops, that might have been a baby spoiler.

– WOW! So many fun surprises that I had no idea! Lucas playing guitar and Michael baking? That is totally awesome! For my last question, what is your motto?

Daniel: Right now we are all reminding each other to not give up, to not quit. Sometimes the moment you want to give in is the moment you are just one step away from victory. I guess there’s a motto in there somewhere.

Zoe: I like that. For me it’s something my dad told me once, “You are powerful, chosen, loved and never alone.” That keeps me going when I feel like I don’t have it in me to do what needs to be done.

– Love, love, love!! Thanks so much for chatting with me, Zoe and Daniel! You both totally rock!

Zoe: Thanks for having us. This was a lot of fun.

Daniel: Yeah, thanks. Zo, wanna go grab tacos?

Zoe: I will never say no to tacos.

Maggie: *opening the door* I want tacos!

Lucas: *yelling from somewhere behind Maggie* Did someone say tacos?

– Ooo! Can I tag along, please? 😉 I love tacos!

About the Author

Tabitha Caplinger.jpgTabitha Caplinger is a wife, mom, youth pastor and professed tv addict. It’s seriously a problem but she doesn’t plan on getting help anytime soon. Mostly because she loves the stories. She can’t help but get lost in the worlds created and invested in the lives of the characters. She brings that same passion for the story to her own writing. The first book in her YA trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline, is currently available with the second book releasing in early 2017. Aside from writing and watching tv, Tabitha can be found singing off key and dancing in the kitchen or car with her two adorably sassy daughters and awesome husband who she thinks is kind of cute.

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