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Hi there!

I’m so excited you’ve interested reading my poetry collection, Team Lines! I’ll be honest and say that I’ve told myself I could never write poetry “because I’m not a poet,” despite the consistent encouragement of friends who had read the little poetry I’d written before. In April 2020, however, that all changed.

I still felt I wasn’t a poet, but after a fun conversation with friends concerning a possible “otaku life” poetry collection, I felt deeply inspired to pursue the idea by writing poems about a volleyball manga/anime I deeply love: Haikyuu!!

The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write a poem about or dedicated to every member to/of the Karasuno team, not just a few players. So, I did… and it became one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever written!

In little under a week, these poems poured out not only as a way to express how much I love these fictional characters, but also as a way to encourage myself and my writer friends who were struggling at the time. It’s my hope these poems will inspire you to not give up but to continue to pursue your dreams.

Ganbatte! (Do your best!)

Laura A. Grace


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What Readers Are Saying

Passionate and heartfelt, a collection of poetry bound to inspire you to reach for your dreams.

A love letter to fans of Haikyuu, Team Lines is a short collection of poems capturing the emotion and personality of our beloved Karasuno characters. These heart-warming poems will inspire readers to do their best and to set their sights high in the sky.

Team Lines is an extremely uplifting group of poems that gives the reader pumped-up encouragement. It made me want to be a better overcomer!

Goodreads Reviewer

The words of these poems are full of passion and a stubborn grit that stirred my heart. Creative and artistic, they’re beautiful in every way–both in the artistic and meaningful formatting, and the heartfelt mantra of encouragement and inspiration.

Goodreads Reviewer

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