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Another stop on The Water Cave blog tour!

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite lines concerning friendship. Today I am super pumped to share a short interview I had with Meadow. I know she has a lot on her plate right now in her rather, um, hectic schedule so I’m thankful she took the time to chat with me. Though, I’m not sure if schedule is the right word since she didn’t exactly plan or schedule any of the events happening in her life right now.

Anyway, she’s such a sweet girl and hope you’ll enjoy the chat I had with her. She definitely is strong in her faith and reminded me that God is always with me (no matter where I may be). Plus, I need to remember to give my friends hugs for always standing by me.

About the Book

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Injected with a serum developed by Satan himself, Meadow Fields discovers she is a transporter: a person with the unique ability to transfer their soul between hell and earth.

Unaware of her special gift until the day her soul transports to hell, Meadow saves Mark Angel, a strikingly handsome young man from drowning in the lake of the Water Cave on the outskirts of hell itself. Mark has a deep connection with Meadow and wants to help her explore her newfound ability.

When an unfortunate accident strands Meadow’s soul in hell with no way to make it back home, time is not on her side. The longer she spends in hell, the more demonic her soul becomes.

Will she be able to withstand the horrors of Satan and his forces?

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Let’s Chat!

– Hi Meadow! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. From my understanding, you’re pretty tight-knit with your family. Who are some of your friends and family? 

I am incredibly close to my tiny circle of friends and family. My mother and father are really great loving Christian people who are super supportive of me although they are super over protective.

My mother is a psychologist/research scientist and she loves to dig into my psych when the opportunity presents itself. My dad works long hours and isn’t as hands on as my mother. Once I hit womanhood he kind of faded into the shadows.

I have several acquaintances I suppose, but my two best friends in the entire world are Cassy and Bubba as we have been friends since cradle school. We are a small close knit group who watches out for each other and loves one another unconditionally even though we are polar opposite in every way.

– Praise God for close friends and family! Now, some might say you have a gift of sorts with your ability to transport. Do you like your special gift? What do you dislike about it?

My gift? It’s more of a curse really. It’s isolating and lonely. If I share with others what I can do I could put my loved ones in great danger. Being able to travel to hell is terrifying, especially since I have no real control over how and when I transport. Thank goodness I have Mark or I would be completely lost.

– I guess that’s a really great point. I’m thankful you have Mark too because I most likely would totally freak out about the whole transporting thing if I were in your shoes. Speaking of Mark, have you ever been in love?

Yes-my heart was broken by my first love Evan but I don’t like to talk much about him after what he did…

– I’m so sorry, Meadow, and apologize for bringing that up! Moving on to another subject. Since you can involuntarily visit hell, do you have a secret weapon that might help on your trips there?

The only weapon I have is my faith in God and since I have learned about transporters and what my life has become, I feel my faith waining. Unless I can stay strong in the Lord I may not survive the caves of hell.

– I definitely think your stronger then you know. Don’t lose hope! Stand strong on your faith and remember those supporting best friends of yours. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, Meadow! 

About the Author

Rachel Lopez2Rachel Lopez is a Respiratory Therapist by day, a Family Coordinator for her church on the weekends, and a writer by night. Rachel lives in Hardin County, KY with her husband and three children. She loves to read, write, and to collect new hobbies. Rachel is the author of a series of books in the Transporter Series: The Water Cave, The Cave of Darkness, and The Fire Cave.

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