Whispers From The Depths Book Release Celebration!

Happy Book Birthday!

Today is the awesome book release of C.W. Briar’s fantastic novel, Whispers From The Depths. I am truly thrilled to help spread the word about this stirring tale because it is indeed one that stirs the heart and mind.

To help celebrate, I’m sharing three reasons why I think you should read it and author C.W. is sharing a little bit about his characters. I even threw in two of my favorite quotes too!

Check out the book below and then dive in! 😉

About the Book

Joyful and blessed are Voice-bearers, for the Heavens have set them apart.

As Whisperers gifted with the Voice, Betka and her people are enslaved. Only they can control the dangerous spirits that haunt the waters, but they are forced to serve under cruel taskmasters. Betka has little hope of freedom from her service or her own bitterness.

They toil for the goodness of others. 

A powerful water spirit terrorizes the castle where Betka’s sister is serving. Betka is assigned to the crew sailing to face the foe, and she fears for the only family she has left.

Rage is found nowhere in them.

In the beleaguered, flooded castle, a new threat awaits—a magic more powerful and horrifying than anything they have ever seen. Loyalties will be tested, and enemies will become desperate allies.

Betka is their only hope of escape—if she can subdue the wrath that endangers them all.

She who wields the waters for revenge drowns herself tenfold.

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Three Reasons Why I Think You Should Read It


Get to Know the Characters!

From author, C.W. Briar

Thank you for having me on the blog. I thought it would be fun to introduce the main characters of Whispers From The Depths and say a few things about them.

For those unfamiliar with the book, ‘Whispers’ takes place in a world where water spirits are a constant threat. They can sink ships and create floods. The most dangerous spirit, Ylvalas, controls an entire sea.

The Whisperers are humanity’s defense against the spirits. They also have power over water. The Whisperers used to be priests and priestesses, but now (for reasons detailed in the book), they’re slaves. Betka is one such Whisperer, and her sister lives in a castle that has been attacked by Ylvalas. She joins the expedition to rescue the castle even though it means working with the people she fears most.

That’s when things go terribly wrong (as is to be expected in a dark fantasy story).

Betka: She’s angry and scared. The king and his army have taken everything precious from her. She was raised on the Whisperer teachings of loving and caring for others, but that was easy for the old writers to say. They weren’t ridiculed slaves. Betka just wants to rescue her sister and regain her freedom.

Betka is the soul of the book. I’m right there with her in wrestling with how best to handle such a dark and complex situation.

Asi: Asi is the other Whisperer on the expedition. She’s more hopeful that the traditional Whisperer ways will get them through the nightmare their lives have become.

If Betka is the soul, Asi is the heart. She’s the kind of person you want by your side when life gets derailed. I find positive her outlook both deeply inspiring and frustrating.

Rorlen: The captain of the expedition. He harbors a deep resentment toward all Whisperers, and his violent nature means his threats are not mere words. If there’s a face to the suffering that Betka has endured, he is it.

Rorlen is a like a pilot light. He’s a low, cold burn that can flare up when triggered. I created lots of terrible people in the book, and he was the most fun.

Kuros: The warrior with a smile. Physically, he’s one of the kingdom’s most intimidating warriors, but his sense of humor is even stronger than his body. He wields jokes as a weapon in even the darkest of situations.

Ah, Kuros. The jester in the body of a linebacker. In his mind, if you can’t smile during a fight, you’re just begging to lose. I had so much fun writing him.

Eder: Betka’s grandfather, a fellow Whisperer. He was there when Whisperers lost their status and became slaves. His journey preceded Betka’s, but the two are interlinked.

I suspect reader opinions will vary on Eder. That’s because his role is not straight-forward, and it’s more significant than some may realize. Betka’s story is focused and claustrophobic. Eder gives us a reference point for the larger narrative. His journey ties into Betka’s, but he also reminds us that individual stories are part of something greater.

There you go. Five main characters of Whispers From The Depths. I hope you get a chance to meet them and the rest of the cast.

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Some of My Favorite Quotes

About the Author

C.W. Briar writes fantasy that’s dark but hopeful, filled with wonder and humor along with the suspense and creepiness. His favorite stories are the ones that make him both smile and perch on the edge of his seat. By day, he works as a systems engineer, testing or even riding on trains, airplanes, and helicopters. At night, when not writing, he prepares fancy dinners and shows off his awesome corgis. He’s a graduate of Binghamton University and lives in Upstate NY with his wife, three kids, and secret stashes of chocolate.

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