Why I Think It’s Important to Read Christian Paranormal: When Fire Rains Down Book Spotlight

Why I Think It's Important to Read Christian Paranormal

Happy Thursday!

Today’s post is a little different as usually I’m about to introduce an author that I’m chatting with, but since I’ve been so behind on getting my questions to this author, I thought it would be fun to change things up. 🙂

I haven’t read this author’s books yet, but they are in a genre I use to be very afraid to read.

Christian Paranormal.

Yes, I was a giant chicken for a long time, but over the last year or two I’ve read books in that genre that have changed me on a deeper level as well as greatly encouraged me.

To celebrate Cecilia Earl’s upcoming release (like tomorrow release) When Fire Rains Down, which happens to be a Christian paranormal, I thought it would be fun to share why I feel it’s important to occasionally (or all the time) read books in this genre.

But first, let me introduce Cecilia’s gorgeous series to you!

(Please note I’m going to share book one’s description to refrain from spoiling book three.)

About the Series

Angels are real.
So are demons.

Shady Creek gets a whole lot scarier after Julia learns she’s part angel, especially since the only person she can trust is an angel who’s as infuriating as he is attractive.

Julia received a necklace containing the songs of the angels from her dad when she was four. When she was eleven, he abandoned her family and the necklace went silent. At seventeen, Julia’s doing everything she can to maintain security for her family, but now her necklace seems to have come to life once again. And that’s not all that’s changing.

When a robber attempts to steal from their diner, the necklace blazes and burns her chest. Pain in her back is nearly unbearable as the thief transforms before her eyes… into something demonic.

Demon after demon threaten Julia’s home, family, and friends, and she realizes there may have been something more behind her dad’s disappearance. And now there may be something–or someone–dangerous after her.

Julia has to accept that she is not quite human. Will her infuriating but attractive Guardian Angel be able to prepare her for the battle to come?

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Let’s Chat!

One of the most eye-opening takeaways I have from reading Christian paranormal novels is that they showed me an even fuller picture that spiritual warfare is real.

Granted, that can be a scary thought for many people (including myself). I mean we as people have enough to deal with concerning our day-to-day lives. How in the world could we also focus on a spiritual battle that requires us to be faith-filled and actively seeking Christ every day?

Yet, as believers, that is what we are supposed to do.

And I believe that stories like Cecilia Earl’s When Fire Rains Down give us a full realization that it is happening (and not just in fictional worlds), but it’s also not something to be terrified of.

Two of the first books that helped me personally realize this is Lisa T. Bergren’s Remnants: Season of Wonder and Chuck Black’s Cloak of the Light.

I read them one after the other, and they were very much life-changing. It served as a stepping stone into better understanding that the spiritual realm is not just something in a Bible story.

These characters’ stories show the battle around them whether they want to acknowledge it or not, but if they acknowledge the need to fight, they can realize God has given them—as well as us— spiritual weapons to fight back.

We just have to choose who we will serve in this war and if we are willing to pick up those weapons to fight.

Thankfully, there are stories that show spiritual warfare is not something to be fearful of, though know it can be far from pretty.

Amy Brock McNew’s The Reluctant Warrior Chronicles and Tabitha Caplinger’s The Chronicle of the Three are series’ that comes to mind.

Like Julia in the Kingdom Come series where she can see demons “at work,” Liz and Zo can see these beings as well. All three women also have to face the emotional toll it has on them as they and their loved ones are personally attacked.

They quickly learn that there is no time to slack off in prayer or in mediation or continual seeking of God in faith. The good, the bad, and the ugly all have to be worked through to fight the toughest battles for their hearts.

Though we can’t fight demons with physical swords and awesome fighting skills as these ladies do, we can still take a stand the same way through prayer, faith, hope, and not giving up.

In fact, it’s the root of who they are in every situation.

And it never goes unnoticed by a wonderful God who birthed those seeds of hope (just as with those characters) as it can lead to a greater closeness with Him. 

Yes, there is “fighting,” but in the midst of great trial and sometimes grief, God reminds us of who He is and that we have the overwhelming victory.

One of my favorite stories that reflect this is Julie Hall’s Life After Series.

Without going into great detail, Audrey (the main character) has so much to learn and when her family comes under attack, it can be hard to stay focused.

But then God steps in and reminds her—as well as us—why we can’t give up. That His great love for us isn’t just for us, but also for a world of hurting people who are part of a spiritual battle without realizing it (or maybe they do).

He wants us to be part of showing His love, His truth, His greatness.

His hope and victory.

As the Kingdom Come series shows, suddenly realizing there are angels and demons really fighting can be almost like a rude awakening, but it’s one that even we as readers need to understand.

I couldn’t imagine being Julia or even any of these characters from the books I mentioned because wow! Things would be different, but are they really that different?

The Bible tells us to be on guard at all times (1 Corinthians 16:13), and if these stories can aid in showing just how real that battle is, maybe it can help us not be as fearful and stand our ground to fight back as well (Ephesians 6:13).

I know that’s something I don’t want to miss and hope you won’t want to either.

About the Author of the Kingdom Series

Cecelia Earl graduated with a degree in education and has been teaching ever since. She’s a wife, a mom of three boys, and an owner of a magical laundry pile that never stops growing. She lives near enough to Green Bay, WI that her refrigerator is always stocked with cheese, and the first colors her children learned were green and gold.

She’s a first grade teacher in a Catholic school by day, a mom always, and a writer in her sleep, but that’s okay because being an author is a dream come true. She writes angel fantasy books for young and youngish adults. If you feel young, she writes for you–whether or not you feel particularly angelic.

Get in touch with Cecelia and keep up to date on her writing/life endeavors at http://www.ceceliaearl.com. (It’s also a great place to receive forthcoming book updates, and gain access to giveaways, ARCs, exclusive bonus content, her newsletter, or learn how to join her street team.

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  1. Randall Allen Dunn July 27, 2018 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    Great article, Laura!
    I write a paranormal series with a strong Christian heroine whose faith comes into play as she battles monsters. Whether we write stories about falling in love, keeping our family together, solving a mystery, or fighting off a killer robot invasion, our Christian heroes will have to rely on God’s direction to solve problems. With supernatural forces, the need for God’s supernatural intervention becomes more obvious.
    This also creates a strong evangelistic message, which happens naturally. One reviewer of Bram Stoker’s Dracula noted that, because demons (vampires) exist and are repelled by supernatural means (cross, holy water), this demonstrates that God also exists, though this is never stated outright in the story.
    I believe Christian readers and writers recognize this more today, thanks largely to Christian fiction from authors like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, along with the some emerging authors like those you mentioned above.

    • Laura A. Grace August 9, 2018 at 10:26 am - Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing, Randall! I definitely agree that with supernatural forces, the need for God’s supernatural intervention is obvious as well as desperately needed.

  2. Cecelia July 30, 2018 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this and spotlighting my series. Greatly appreciated! Cecelia

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