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Share your author’s magic.

Hi there! I’m Laura A. Grace, and I am so very excited you’re here! This is my little special place in the virtual world where I avidly gush about my favorite authors and manga creators, but also where I gush about writing my manga and my Haikyuu!! inspired poetry. <3 (It wasn’t enough just to try and find clean manga at the bookstore, I wanted to add my own!)

Not only am I an avid indie author supporter and clean, Christian manga creator, but I also run Unicorn Quester Author Services – a business that connects authors with their readers and helps market their books like a pro! If you’re looking for magical Bookstagram and Blog Tours as well as engaging Photo Challenges, not only do we run them, we also show YOU how to run them.

Ready to explore the magic and jump into the fun of choosing your own adventure?

Book Love Friday: Heartbreaker

Enjoy reading YA Christian fantasy? Here are all my fangirl ramblings of why I enjoyed reading V. Romas Burton's Heartbreaker. Don't forget to snag a copy on Amazon! 😉 Did you miss the fun interview I had with [...]

Character Interview with Addie from Heartbreaker

Good morning, friends! I am interviewing a very special character this morning and absolutely thrilled for you to meet her! Come meet Addie from Heartbreaker, who will unintentionally make you feel ALL the feels! <3 [...]

#onelinewednesday: Heartbreaker

There should be some kind of saying that every good author wrecks their readers with feels. Maybe there is one and I just don't know it, but I do know V. Romas Burton is one [...]