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Hi there! I’m Laura A. Grace, and I am so very excited you’re here! This is my little special place in the virtual world where I avidly gush about my favorite indie authors and manga creators, but also where I gush about writing my clean, Christian manga and my Haikyuu!! inspired poetry.

Ready to explore the magic and jump into the fun of choosing your own adventure?

#onelinewednesday: Of Myth and Monster

Good morning, friends! I'm short on time this morning, but I am SUPER excited to be sharing this book quote from the anthology Of Myth and Monster (which has been one of my favorite anthologies [...]

Graphic Novel Recommendations: The Grémillet Sisters – Sarah’s Dreams

Friends, I am SO excited for this review this morning! The Grémillet Sisters captivated me and wrecked my heart in all the best ways! If you are looking for a quick, clean graphic novel, I [...]

Cover Reveal: Phantom’s Lament

MASSIVE squealing over here today, guys! My best friend and senpai is sharing the INCREDIBLE cover she designed and illustrated of her upcoming novel, Phantom's Lament! I have gushed quite a bit on Shadow's Hand (book [...]